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When Danny Rand returns to New York and his families business. He is not exactly welcomed with open arms. Thus starts the journey of Iron Fist.

Synopsis: When Danny Rand returns to New York and his families business. He is not exactly welcomed with open arms. Thus starts the journey of Iron Fist.

Review: Iron Fist premiered over the weekend on Netflix and while advance reviews were unkind to say the least. This reviewer quite enjoyed the show despite some of the flaws.

Finn Jones grows into his role over the course of the 13 episodes and the supporting cast do a great job of adding to the story.

One of the things that many critics were not happy with were the fight sequences. And they did have a point. The first six episodes of the series do not have the most exciting fights, but as the show moves forward the fights get better and better and Finn Jones fighting style also improves as the show moves forward.

I really enjoyed the family drama element to the series that the Meachum’s provided and having Harold Meachum very much in the background manipulating events was really well done.

Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) meets Iron Fist (Finn Jones)

Most impressive of all in this series was the performance by Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing who plays a big part in the series. In fact its fair to say that Colleen Wing’s emotional journey is second only to that of Danny Rand. The writers really put her through the wringer and Henwick copes with the material with fantastic maturity.

I also enjoyed David Wenham’s performance as Harold Meachum. He made for a fantastically layered villain. And the change of his role in the origin story of Iron Fist was really well thought out and executed.

Unlike Luke Cage, which had a very slow start last year. Iron Fist punches its way through the first six episodes at a respectable pace. The performances and characters keep you interested despite the early fight scenes feeling a little ropey.

I enjoyed the use of The Hand as the mystical villains of the piece and was shocked to learn that they were not around in the original Iron Fist comics of the 70’s. It feels like a natural choice to use them and I think we’ll most likely see them again in Defenders later this year.

Overall. I really enjoyed this origin story for Iron Fist and advise people not to take notice of the Rotten Tomatoes ratings or the negative reviews that preceded the shows premier. They were reviews written by people that had little or no knowledge of the comics from what I’ve read.

Iron Fist is available to stream now on Netflix and is well worth the watch.

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