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With Daredevil on a break. Danny Rand has taken over the duties of protecting New York from crime, but when tensions rise among the Triad crime syndicates in China Town. Danny is pulled into a conspiracy, which threatens to take everything from him. 

Synopsis: With Daredevil on a break. Danny Rand has taken over the duties of protecting New York from crime, but when tensions rise among the Triad crime syndicates in China Town. Danny is pulled into a conspiracy, which threatens to take everything from him.

Review: The greatest strength of this second season is the fact that writers have finally recognized that Danny Rand is the weakest link in the series. And steps are taken to try and address that while simultaneously servicing the shows stronger and more interesting characters.

Season 2 does much to try and address the problems of the first season but doesn’t manage to fix everything. A big issue for me was the shows pacing. It took until the tail end of episode three and most of four before things started to get interesting. It was an utter snoozefest until stuff started to actually happen.

Episode 3 is a case in point. In this episode, Danny and Coleen decide to invite Ward, Joy, and Davos to a dinner party. What we wind up with is a god awful psychodrama as Coleen rather awkwardly entertains Joy while Davos and Danny try and reconcile their differences, which is something we all know will not happen. The whole episode was pointless and god damned boring.

There is a ray of light though. While Davos sucks the air out of just about every scene he is in. We get a really interesting and complex villain in Typhoid Mary who is played brilliantly by Alice Eve who does a fantastic job of portraying an individual with Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is something I hope we get to learn more about in season 3.

The Story

Although it takes about 4 episodes to get going. The storyline does offer up some nice surprises and a wonderful twist. It attempts to build Danny Rands character up by removing the Iron Fist from him and making him seriously examine and get to know himself.

The standout of this seasons storyline has to be Coleen Wing, who much like season one gets a lot of great character beats. Things do not really start to pick up until episode 4 when we see Danny substantially weakened and somewhat humbled, which is somewhat of an important twist and goes toward creating the jumping off point for the stories conclusion.

Some of the stories funnier moments involve Ward Meacham who is struggling with just about everything. The writers really go to town with Ward and one of the scenes that stands out for me is where he attempts to do some meditation with Danny.

I did enjoy the flashbacks of Danny and Davos and the original battle they had in order to win the Iron Fist, but this is something that really should have been given to us in the shows first season.

Overall the story eventually delivers, but it takes a long time to get there.

I really feel that this particular series would benefit from a much shorter episode order. You could most likely have told this story in six or eight episodes.

The Acting

Alice Eve shines as Mary Walker who gives Davos some free tuition in the art of intimidation.

For the most part, the acting was pretty damn solid, but there was weak links and one of those was Sacha Dhawan as Davos. Last season Davos came into the story midway and was still kind of on a mission to take Danny back to Kun-Lun. Added to that there were more villains last season, which meant that Davos didn’t really stand out too much beyond him being Danny’s friend and rival.

However this season, with their being fewer villains he is shown to be somewhat lacking. Am not sure if it is the writing or Dhawan’s performance, but Davos came across as overly meticulous and serious lacking in personality to such a point that as a viewer you didn’t really care one way or another.

In contrast, Alice Eve’s portrayal of Mary Walker was a master class in creating a compelling and utterly relatable character.

Finn Jones was pretty solid throughout as the protagonist and did the best with what he was given, but it was still the supporting cast that came out as winners here.

The Fight Scenes

A flashback scene shows Danny Rand fight and eventually defeat Davos and win the Iron Fist.

One of the most criticized aspects of season one was the fight scenes, which is something that they addressed this season by giving us some really nice set pieces, but it still has a long way to go if they want to give us epic battles as seen in the wonderful ‘John Wick’ movies.

All that said though. The fights were better choreographed this season and I really enjoyed the final battle in which Danny and Coleen take down Davos. Who’d have thought we’d wind up with two Iron Fists battling each other.


Iron Fist remains the weakest of Netflix’s catalog of Marvel shows, but this season has seen a lot of improvement and makes a great launch point for season 3. So, in conclusion, I’m in for one more season should Netflix order one.

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