In Review: Iron Fist (2017-) #4


Synopsis: A DARK HISTORY UNVEILED! The secret origin of the island of Liu-Shi is revealed! And Danny takes it personally. VERY personally. The fight for the Chi of K’un-Lun is about to get very bloody!

Review: The penultimate issue of ‘Iron Fist’ sees Ed Brisson  give us a explanation about the origins of the island of Liu-Shi.

With Daniel Rand accused of murder and still sick from the poison he took on himself during his last challenge. He is nursed back to health by his next opponent. While recuperating Daniel is told about the origins of the island. He learns that a few people left Kun Lun a few 100 years ago in order to set up their own island. They felt the Kun Lun’s approach to Kung Fu had become corrupted.

We further learn that the islanders of Liu-Shi wish to defeat Daniel Rand so they can take the Chi of Shou – Lao from him. So they can legitimise the status of their island.

The first half of this issue mostly lays out the path for what will be followed up in the last issue. Some members of the Council has accused Danny of murdering Hark. A crime he is not guilty of. But in order to prove his honour. He must complete the championship and then address the council.

Mike Perkins art work in this issue presents us with Rand battling against an amplutee who fights with the running blades that you often see the Paraolympic athletes wearing. This makes for a really interesting visual.

The issue concludes when Rand is faced by some of his accusers and has to fight them or be proved a coward.

With one issue left to go. I look forward to finding out just how Danny will prove his innocence.

Will he return to Kun Lun to become reacquainted with Show-Lao or will he wind up having to return to New York?

Iron Fist #4
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