In Review: Invincible (S1 Eps 1,2 & 3) ‘Its About Time’, ‘Here Goes Nothing’ & ‘Who You Calling Ugly’

Robert Kirkman's take on the Superhero Genre makes a splash on Amazon Prime

Synopsis: On ‘Invincible’. When Mark Grayson finally inherits powers from his superhero father, it’s a dream come true. But there’s more to being a hero than just choosing a name and costume.


The Story

Over the course of this opening three episodes. We get introduced to Mark Grayson and his family. Initially, we see Mark living very much in the shadow of his father Nolan Grayson and we learn that Nolan is Omni-Man.

The opening episode sees Mark gain his superpowers and slowly learn to get to grips with them with help from his dad Nolan. Aside from dealing with the pressures of becoming a new superhero. Mark is also trying to get the attention of Amber Bennet the hottest girl in his school. When his father is very seriously injured. Mark has to step up to the plate and becoming the new hero Invincible.

In the second episode. Things get interesting as Omni-Man is out of commission and the superhero team Guardians of the Globe have all but been wiped out. So with no one to defend the earth from alien or supervillain threats. The burden falls onto Mark’s shoulders. Luckily for Mark who is saving the world as Invincible. Help comes along in the form a teenage team of superheroes who are led by a Robot.

The third episode sees Mark becoming more invested in his new life as a superhero, but he soon runs into issues of trying to balance his new role with that of being a good boyfriend to Amber who he has just started a relationship with.


Voice Acting

Steven Yeun does a decent job of voicing the teenage Mark Grayson. He does a great job of generating a real sense of excitement in his voice during the scenes where Mark learns that he has powers. By contrast, J.K. Simmons performance as Mark’s father Nolan Grayson aka Omni-Man is a bit more grounded and matter-of-fact. This works well for the character of Omni-Man who has had powers all of his life and is frankly a bit of a jerk. But that makes sense given that we learn pretty early on Omni-Man is not the hero he makes himself out to be.

Overall. The vocal performances are great. I couldn’t really fault them.



This is a really strong start for the series and much like ‘The Boys’ it gives us a different perspective on superheroes with some very dark humor thrown in. The twist at the close of the opening episode where we learn that Omni-Man may not be as heroic as we think he is was great. It’s also further punctuated in the second episode.

This show also gives us some neat ideas for heroes. Such as Monster Girl. She is basically a pre-teenage girl that turns into a monster. Only every time she transforms she gets a little younger.

The show is adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. As to how close of an adaptation it is. I couldn’t possibly comment because have never actually read the comic. But have heard great things about it.

Overall. A fun three episodes with more to come over the next few weeks.

Invincible (S1 Eps 1,2 & 3) ‘Its About Time’, ‘Here Goes Nothing’ & ‘Who You Calling Ugly’
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