In Review: Invincible (S1 – Ep8) WHERE I REALLY COME FROM

Mark must prove he's become the hero he's always wanted to be by stopping an unstoppable force.

Synopsis: In’ Where I Really Come From’. Mark aka Invincible must prove he’s become the hero he’s always wanted to be by stopping an unstoppable force.


The Story

Having witnessed his father Omni-Man murder The Immortal in last week’s episode. Mark learns the truth about his Viltrumite origins as Omni-Man lays it all out to him. Mark is obviously shocked to learn all of this. So he does the only thing he can. He makes a stand for the human race and battles it out with his father. Unfortunately for Mark. His father Omni-Man is much stronger than he is and pounds the living crap out of him. Making sure that he kills lots of innocent bystanders along the way. Just to show Mark how feeble, worthless, and weak. The Human race is.

Observing the battle from a secret location. Cecil is watching with keen interest. While poor Debbies world falls apart as she hears every hateful word that the love of her life. Omni-Man utters.


The Acting

‘Where I Really Come From’ is filled with great acting performances and some epic dialogue. The father and son exchanges between Omni-Man and Invincible are brilliantly performed by both J.K. Simmons and Steven Yeun. There’s a lot of drama to take in. Yeun’s vocal performance did a brilliant job of expressing the hurt and betrayal that Mark felt. While Simmons’s performance of the disappointed and angry father was terrifying. Especially during the sequence where he shoved mark in front of an oncoming train and pushes him through it.

Thankfully we see a return from Allen the Alien by the close of the episode as he comes to warn Mark that Earth has a Viltrumite living among its people. Allen is voiced brilliantly by Seth Rogen. 



To sum up. This was an epic season finale. Indeed Mark gets a pounding and learns some difficult lessons from his old man. Will he become the hero that Earth needs? My guess is we’ll learn if he does or not if Prime Video produces a second season. Now that Mark knows about his origins and knows that there is a bigger universe out there. I think there is lots of opportunity for future seasons.

Hopefully, we’ll get more in 2022.

Invincible (S1 - Ep8) WHERE I REALLY COME FROM
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