In Review: Invincible (S1 – Ep7) We Need To Talk

Feeling lost and confused, Mark looks for advice from Eve.
We Need To Talk

Synopsis: In ‘We Need To Talk’. Feeling lost and confused, Mark looks for advice from Eve. At the same time, everyone’s looking for him.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Debbie has found out that Nolan aka Omni-Man killed the Guardians of The Globe. She confronts Nolan and tells him to leave. As he leaves. Cecil and his men take Debbie to a bunker and explain what they know. Cecil hopes to get Mark to fight against his father but does not know where Mark’s loyalties lie. Of course, Debbie is horrified by this idea.

Meanwhile, Mark is feeling really down after having been dumped by Amber. So he goes off in search of Eve in the hopes that she can offer some comfort.

Elsewhere, Robot meets up with the Mauler Twins and asks them to make a clone of Rudolf Connors who is nothing more than a mutated body in a tank. It’s Connors who basically controls Robot and he wants a human body because he has a thing for Monster Girl.


The Acting

We get some great performances this week. Walton Goggins is particularly good this week as we get a lot more involvement in the story from Cecil. His scenes with Debbie (Sandra Oh) are particularly compelling. As are the scenes where he is teleporting back and forth while talking to Omni-Man who is basically trying to kill him.

We also get more from the Mauler Twins who are voiced brilliantly by Kevin Michael Richardson. Their scenes with Rudolf Connors are lots of fun.

Overall ‘We Need To Talk’ is packed with great voice acting and some wonderful moments.



A really strong episode, which builds brilliantly on everything we have seen thus far. I really enjoyed the reveal of Rudolf Connors and the scenes where his mind is copied over into his clone.

The escalation of things with Omni-Man and Cecils efforts to slow him down by throwing all manner of things at him. Which includes giant monsters with tentacles is lots of fun to watch. Also, seeing the Mauler twins create a clone of The Immortal was pure genius.

Also fun was Omni-Man’s final lines, which are aimed at Invincible. “We need to talk.”

Invincible (S1 - Ep7) We Need To Talk
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