In Review: Intergalactic – Season 1

The show's storyline is kind of iffy in the sense that it seems to borrow from lots of different sources and doesn't execute them particularly well.

Synopsis: In intergalactic. A young fearless cop and galactic pilot finds her life changed when she is accused of treason. And finds herself aiding a group of escaped cons.


The Story

When police pilot. Ash Harper is arrested for allegedly smuggling some energy source known as ‘new orum’. It looks as if her life is over. Mostly in part due to the fact that she is sent to a prison ship with the last person that she arrested. But the fact that she is a cop will not win her any favors.

As soon as Ash arrives on the prison ship GCC Hemlock. The prisoners led by Tula are preparing to unleash chaos and take the ship over and set course for a FREE world called Arcadia. Within the first 25 minutes of the opening episode Tula and her crew have taken over the Hemlock, but it is more to do with the extremely poorly trained prison guards than it is to do with any skill on the part of Tula and her crew. The fact that Tula murders the ship’s pilot pretty much shows us how incompetent she is as the leader of this group.

Luckily for them. Ash Harper the ex-cop that they’d all love to give a kicking to is a pilot. So thanks to the brains of the operation. Ash winds up taking the helm.


Strap Yourself In for 8 Episodes Of Pretty Average Sci-Fi Drama

Much of this show focuses on Ash Harper’s journey as she goes from a police officer who has a very black and white view of life. Into a woke ex-cop. Helping her on this odyssey is mysterious scientist Emma who is wanted by the Authorities that Ash used to work for. In fact, she is number one on the most wanted list and Ash’s mother is prepared to pretty much break every rule imaginable to capture her. Even goes as far as to try and use her daughter for the task.

The show’s storyline is kind of average in the sense that it seems to borrow from lots of different sources and doesn’t execute them particularly well. While watching I was put in mind of ‘Blake’s 7’ gone wrong. ‘Alien’ and any number of other popular franchises.

The fourth episode sees the crew all succumb to some weird virus, which basically turns people into mindless killers. By the close of the episode, a cure is found thanks to ships Doctor the drug-addicted Candy who has a rather nice forked tongue and scales.

We also have an unlikely love story happening throughout. Which is kind of difficult to swallow given that it is with the only remaining prison guard who is afraid of his own shadow. Genevieve who happens to be Tula’s daughter and a reluctant killer that can use her hair to throw people about is the lucky woman concerned. Or quite unlucky given that she has a rather traumatic storyline.


The Acting

The acting throughout ‘Intergalactic‘ is fair but not out and out awesome. To put it bluntly. The actors do the best with the scripts that they are given. Savannah Steyn plays the lead of Ash Harper well and does a decent job of pulling her part off. I also thought Natasha O’Keeffe was good as the mysterious scientist Emma who had silver and black hair. O’Keefe manages to pull off the mystery brilliantly but is most effective in her quieter moments. When she somehow manages to channel sexy, scary, and mysterious without a single word.

Oliver Coopersmith does a pretty good job as one of the show’s few male characters and perhaps the strongest male role on this show. This isn’t hard given that his competition is a gormless prison guard that’s afraid of his own shadow. In fact, that is one this shows problems. The female cast members all have fairly strong characters to play. Whereas the male characters are very 1 dimensional and don’t really contribute a great deal. But the character of Echo who is played by Coopersmith is the closest Intergalactic gets to its Han Solo-type character. In fact, he’s more of a cross between Han Solo and Captain Jack Sparrow. But not quite as over the top as that. I think the show may have been improved somewhat if there were a few stronger male leads to equally match the strong female roles on the show. Because the one romance storyline on the show was completely devoid of tension.



“Intergalactic’ has its moments. But sadly falls a little short of being great. The acting performances were fairly good and at times the cast managed to pull off some minor miracles. But sadly the storyline and the conspiracy plot sewed into it were not particularly compelling. Which is a huge shame given that the CGI and Visual Effects were top-notch.

Overall. It felt like a bit of a letdown. The series ends in such a way that things are left open for a second season. But I’d not want to make any predictions about whether that will happen or not. That is up to the overall audience reaction and Sky.

Either way. In my view it was kind of average. But if you want to check it out for yourself. The whole series is available on Skys streaming service and will be airing every Friday night at 9 PM on Sky One.

Intergalactic - Season 1
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