Years and Years wraps with a dramatic and hopeful series finale.

Synopsis: Viv Rook tightens her grip, and the Lyons fight back. But can one ordinary family hope to change the world?

Review: Russell T. Davies’s dark dramatic series wraps up with a message of hope and the true power of people when they care for each other.

The Story

With Viktor having been transferred to an Erstwhile site, which is where the Viv Rook has sent all the immigrants as well as people that have become infected with a particularly virulent strain of the Flu for which there isn’t a cure. Edith Lyons, who is slowly dying as a result of being so close to a nuclear explosion sets about finding out where Viktor is being kept.

During a family, gathering to celebrate the old house, which Gran is going to sell. Gran tells her family that they and all the people in Britain are responsible for the evils that have been allowed to happen. She makes a stirring speech about the dangers of apathy, which strikes a chord with everyone. Including Bethany who tells Edith where Viktor was taken and reveals that it was her dad that had him sent there.

Armed with this new information Edith hatches a daring plan to break Viktor out, but the plan has another part to it, which will help bring down Viv Rook and her party.

The Acting

There were a lot of great performances this week as the story came to a dramatic and very emotional ending. Rory Kinnear puts in a fantastic performance as he struggles to deal with his guilt for his part in facilitation the transfer of people to the Erstwhile sites. There is a wonderful scene toward the close of the episode when he learns that his Ex-Wife Celeste has been working as an insider to help Edith and the others rescue Viktor.

Jessica Hynes also puts in a great performance as she goes about executing her plans, but it is her final few scenes with Bethany and her closing monologue that really hit home. Lydia West is wonderful. Full stop. She puts in a performance that shows a lot of maturity. The scene where Edith is having her memories and consciousness transferred onto a new form of technology toward the close allows for some very moving and witty dialogue between Bethany and Edith. The two actors play beautifully off each other in what is a rather poignant scene, which has an added message of hope.

Finally. It has to be said. Anne Reid has been brilliant throughout the series as the Grandmother, and the monologue she has in this finale episode was delivered brilliantly.


For my money. Years and Years has to go down as one of the best TV Dramas for 2019. It has some great messages throughout and serves as a warning for what could happen if people simply sit back and let it. The show gave us flawed, but likable characters and seeing a possible future through the lens of one family and their friends make it all relatable to mainstream viewers.

Overall. Years and Years is a wonderful drama laced with a warning about what will happen if we all stop caring.


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