In Review: Humans Series Two Episode One

Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin, while the other Synths are laying low in the UK.

Synopsis: Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin, while the other Synths are laying low in the UK.

Review: Picking up a matter of months after the first series. The Synths are on the run, but Leo and Max have managed to find relevant safety in the UK while Mia is working at a diner posing as Anita in order to both learn more about humans and learn about who she could be.

Leo and Max risk Mia’s safety by aiding Synths that are starting to become self aware thanks to some corrupt code in their firmware updates.  Although Niska has the code for sentient awareness on the hard drive that she stole. It is unclear whether she has uploaded it or if it is a different code written by someone else. Either way Max and Leo rescue a newly awoken Synth called Hester.

In America Eve (Carrie Ann Moss) has been developing a sentient AI program and has been head hunted by a big time electronics company to study a Synth that they have found, which has become self aware.

Back in Suburbia the Hawkins family are settling into a new life, but the apple cart is upset somewhat when Joe loses his job and is replaced by a Synth. They get a knock on their door. It is Niska. She says she wants to be tried as a human being for having murdered the guy that she killed in the shows first season.

Thus launches the new series of ‘Humans’, which seems to be expanding the universe to the rest of Europe.

Most of this episode was about reintroducing the characters that we got to know last series and introducing the newer characters.  In orther words not a great deal happened plot wise to move things forward, which might well be a good omen given that last years series opened at a sprint, sagged in the middle and crawled past the finish line.

The series continues to examine the social mores of human nature and looks at how we treat the synths as a lower class, which mirrors how we treat other human beings in the very same way if they are perceived to be below us.

This was a pretty good start and it looks like it could be another interesting series, but hopefully it will not fall into the kitchen sink or kitchen synth drama that it fell into for much of last year.

Humans Series Two Episode One
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