In Review: Humans: Series 3 – Episode 8

Laura's bravery saves the synths - but Mia pays the ultimate price

Synopsis: Series 3’s conclusion sees Laura in a race against time to stop Basswood. Her reputation is already on the line – but is she willing to give up her family and her freedom to save the Synths? Meanwhile, it looks as if Niska has reached her journey’s end, while Mia, Leo and Max stand together in final battle, with seemingly little hope of making it out alive. And when the world learns of the atrocities that are taking place, will the fate of the Synths change forever?

Review: This was a hard hitting finale with some great acting and visuals. Mark Bonnar did an outstanding job of showing the conflict in Neil throughout this episode, and Katherine Parkinson delivered a great speech with relevant parallels to the real world: “If what you’re seeing doesn’t make you angry…there’s no hope for us… We’ve lost our compassion.”

Colin Morgan performed well all through this episode. I especially liked his desperation when he said this line to Mia’s corpse: “You were made to love me. You didn’t have to but you did. I’ll always be grateful for that.” Leo’s pain when Mattie told him it was too late for them was really well conveyed.

The revelation about Leo and Mattie’s baby was thrilling and should provide a good focus for series 4 if done right. Lucy Carless showed her acting chops all through this outing, from her excellent vulnerability and pain during her scene with the orange eyes and her brilliant speech about her actions that caused Day Zero. Mattie also gave a great if short speech about doing the right thing when Sophie was worried about Laura.

I loved the scenes where the human mob confronted the synths at the Railyard. Gemma Chan showed incredible presence in all her scenes. I loved the part where Mia offered her hand to the thug who tried to hurt her and the repetition of the lines “Do not fight” and “Peace”. The montage of Mia’s face as violence erupted between the synths and the human mob was spectacular. The moment when Mia’s eyes went dead was gut-wrenching and fantastically shot.

There were also some great moments with Pixie Davies’ and Billy Jenkins’ characters, whose childish perspective of the events offered lessons in of itself. I loved Sophie’s line “Mia didn’t hurt anyone…So why did we hurt her?” The scene where Sophie promises to be as brave as Mia was heart wrenching and bittersweet. I thought it was a nice touch when Sam looked at the drawing of the Hawkins’ house and when it was put up on a wall in the Railyard.

Dino Fetscher got a nice scene with Sam where he delivered the excellent line “I don’t think we should hurt people.” I would like to see Stanley and Sam get more airtime together when Humans returns because their friendship is charming.

Emily Berrington and Will Tudor played off each other nicely here, with Niska’s anger and passion well contrasted with V’s calm and measured tones. The revelation about “Odi” now being an AI created by Athena Morrow that can feel the synths’ pain was interesting, and the special abilities he gave to Niska will make her character even more intriguing in series 4. I hope that Niska does not become an outright villain in the next series because I think it suits her character and Emily Berrington as an actor to play Niska as walking a knife edge between good and evil.

Ivanno Jeremiah played Max with great poignancy in this episode; admitting that he failed the synths but adhering to his code of peaceful resistance and non violence. I liked the part when Max took Stanley’s weapon and told him “We do not fight. We only defend.” The scene where Max, Leo and the Railyard synths laid Mia’s body outside Lord Dryden’s building was powerful and the part where Mia appeared on Lord Dryden’s TV looking up at the camera really hit home. Some humour was provided by Matthew Marsh’s reaction to this.

Overall, a gripping and relevant final episode.

Humans: Series 3 - Episode 8
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