In Review: Humans: Series 3 – Episode 7

The government's chilling solution for the synths is revealed

Synopsis: Max is forced to confront a friend turned foe. Laura reels from her heartbreaking decision, but when Mattie reveals her secret, she is spurred back into action. Niska’s journey takes an unexpected turn while Leo races to be by Max’s side – unaware he is walking into danger.

Review: This was another stupendous episode. Ukweli Roach shines in every scene he is in. I loved how cold-blooded and ruthless he was in his scene with Ivanno Jeremiah, whose tenderness provides a great contrast to Anatole. I loved Anatole’s intensity and his disgust at Max’s attempts to get through to him. I loved this line “All those you hurt or killed was for a lie.” I liked the hope spot of Max seeming to reach Anatole but for him to stay fixated on the path he had chosen, possibly mirroring reality.

I thought the biblical references throughout this episode were a little heavy handed but the actors put them across well. Anatole’s slasher grin when Leo returns to the Railyard was very well acted and I loved the scene between the two of them.

Colin Morgan showed fantastic intensity when he spoke the line “Where is Max?” to Anatole. Ukweli Roach showed how manipulative Anatole can be very well in his scene with Leo and the musical score heightened the tension perfectly. I liked how low key the fight between Max and Anatole was and I loved the shot of Max staring at his hand after he kills Anatole.

The call back to series 1 where Laura and Mattie are sitting on the same bench they were sitting on in the first series was great to see. Lucy Carless delivers the line “I’m pregnant.” with real emotion. Mattie’s maturity is brought to the fore again by her attempts to bolster her defeated mother’s spirits. Katherine Parkinson and Mark Bonnar put forward an amazing scene at the end with great acting from both.

I loved Laura’s desperation and Neil’s bitterness and anger. Mark Bonnar gives an amazing portrayal of Neil’s brokenness as he describes the government’s plan to destroy the synths. Special mention must go to Lucy Carless and Yasmine Akram. I absolutely loved when Audrey mentions Leo’s name which makes Mattie realise that Audrey has been lying to her. Lucy Carless showed great intensity here both in her voice and facial expressions and Yasmine Akram nails the conniving false friend that Audrey really is.

I loved how Faustian Audrey’s offer to interview Mattie was and the contrast in their characters when Mattie protects Leo by revealing she was the one who gave all of the synths consciousness. Tom Goodman-Hill continues to perform well as Joe. It was great to see Joe’s caring nature in his scene with Toby and Sophie as well as some humour when he threatens Audrey to leave “until the count of 5” before admitting he had no idea what would happen “after 5”. Niska’s storyline reaches a very interesting development in this episode with the return of Will Tudor as a blue-eyed Odi.

Emily Berrington shows great presence in all her scenes. Of special note is her performance of Niska’s realisation that she must go to the cabin that night. The sequence where Niska sees the dead synths in the forest added some great horror to this outing. Gemma Chan and Matthew Marsh played off each other well in their scene. I liked Mia’s line “I won’t help you gain permission to hurt us.”

Overall, a brilliant penultimate episode.

Humans: Series 3 - Episode 7
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