In Review: Humans: Series 3 – Episode 2

A police raid on the Rail yard leaves Max dealing with the fall-out from his life-or-death decision.

Synopsis: A police raid on the Railyard leaves Max dealing with the fall-out from his life-or-death decision. The situation worsens when rebel synth Agnes begins an anti-human campaign. Laura discovers an operation that could threaten synth survival.

Review: Episode 2 capitalizes on the strong start that Humans got with the premiere episode last week.

Max is having to take harder and harder decisions when it comes to the safety of the Synth community he has started at the Railyard and the police raid has done nothing to help matters. This forces Max into telling Leo and Matty to leave the community because he fears for their safety.

Elsewhere Niska and Mia go on a mission to rescue some synths that have come to UK shores in search of safety. Niska is keen to learn who is responsible for the bomb, which triggered events in last weeks episodes and she does get a bit of a lead from the newcomers.

Laura Hawkins, who has been an ally to the synths is invited into a committee in order to decide the future of the Green-Eyed Synths or Green Eyes. It’s apparent that the government types want the problem to go away by pretty much any means. But Karen may have one ally on the committee who voices his concerns about the effect that violence towards the synths is having on children.

Overall. This was a strong episode that builds on the events of last week. Leo is no longer among the synths due to his recovery having pretty much quashed the synth parts of his brain. The final scene with Leo and Max in this episode is quite sad. Leo still feels a strong bond with Max, but Max refuses to take Leo’s hand when it is offered as a simple goodbye gesture. This scene is particularly sad because I’ve always felt Max to be the most human and reasonable of the main synth characters. So to see him turn his back on Leo in this way was kind of heartbreaking to watch. Ivanno Jeremiah is brilliant as Max in this episode and his scene with Agnes where he tries to reason with her are really strong. 

Also really strong in this episode are Gemma Chan and Emily Berrington as  Mia and Niska. They make for a great double act in this episode and share a really nice scene where Niska addresses her relationship with Astrid as nice and everything that she wants. The two have a really good conversation about how the way a person is treated by another can change them. Mia experienced this first hand in the second series when she was sold out and betrayed by Ed who she had developed strong feelings toward. Mia addresses her feelings with regards to Ed and his betrayal of her with Niska.

The cause of much comedy in this episode is the fact that Karen has been given one of the new orange-eyed synths as her personal security detail. Karen does not take too kindly to this because she feels that having him around undermines her campaign to try and get equality for the green eyes in the eyes of the law. Unfortunately, this new Synth security detail is mandatory to Karen’s new post on the committee. Much of the humor here is the way in which this new less advanced synth takes things very literally, which Karen has a lot of fun with as do we.

Humans: Series 3 - Episode 2
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