In Review: Humans – Season 2 Episode 6

Athena challenges Milo's ethics and is shocked when he reveals his plan, while Mia's return has ramifications for the Hawkins Family.

Synopsis: Athena challenges Milo’s ethics and is shocked when he reveals his plan, while Mia’s return has ramifications for the Hawkins Family.

Review: Picking up from where last week left off. Karen and is undergoing somewhat of a personal identity crises, but when her partner calls her to reveal that he has found the rogue synth that they have been trying to find. She returns home to find that the Synth concerned is a child and chooses to bond with it.

Elsewhere Niska is on the run from the authorities who intend to put her down if they find her. In order to help with the hunt they have sent a protocol out to all Synths that are still in service.

Back at the Hawkins house Mia has turned up, but she is still running the Anita protocol. With help from Mattie and some code they are able to reactivate Mia who after seeing Odi and such decides that she needs to be with her own Family and leaves.

Mattie has left home briefly to lend her help to Leo and Hester. However when they try to break into the place where all the awakened Synths are being help. Hester gets electrocuted by the door and they need Mattie’s help to save her. When Leo is out on a supply run Hester awakens and pretty much threatens Mattie if she gets in the way of their plans.

Mia turns up at Leo’s hideout and is welcomed by all. Mattie expresses her doubts about Leo’s plan to break into the building again, but Mia says it is doable if she helps and then adds that Mattie has cracked the code that can give all the synths self awareness. It would seem that Mattie could well be in danger. Especially given how willing and able Hester is able to kill and do so with no remorse or empathy.

A lot happening this week and the series is edging ever close to the finale. I like that fact that Mia is a little less trustful of human beings. It totally makes sense given that the guy she has fell in love with tried to sell her on the black market and now we have Matties betrayal.

Loving the fact that Niska is once more on the run. And the fact that all the Synth in Service are now programmed to inform the authorities should they see her has added a bit more edge to it.

The stuff with Athena and Milo at the start of the episode was pretty much the age old nature verse nurture debate and could well have been brushed over pretty quickly. It might have been better to have just had Athena figure out Milo’s plan herself and start to go against it. That way there would not have been need for a clunky scene which was mostly there to tell us what was up. They could have just shown us.

Humans - Season 2 Episode 6
  • The Good: Mia's change of heart about humans
  • The Bad: The big clunky this is my plan scene between Athena and Milo
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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