In Review: Humans Season 2 Episode 5

Leo stakes out the silo and tracks down the sniper who shot Ten. Hester promises to use peaceful means to deal with the shooter, but can Leo trust her?

Synopsis: Leo stakes out the silo and tracks down the sniper who shot Ten. Hester promises to use peaceful means to deal with the shooter, but can Leo trust her? Meanwhile, Mia risks falling into the hands of a mysterious organisation.

Review: Things are really kicking off this week.

As you all know the double act of Max and Leo was separated last week, which means that Leo only has Hester to work with while Max has pretty much gone off on his own to try and save the sentient synths his way.

Leo and Hester are having to find a way to work together and it is clear that Leo does not fully trust Hester based on the fact that she is a little to quick to use violence in order to get answers.  A fact she reminds him of when they encounter the sniper that killed Ten.

Meanwhile Max has found another awakened Synth and is working with her to try and find a new hide out.

Karen is starting to struggle with regards to her identity in terms of her Synth identity verse the one she has put on in order to pass as human.

While Niska has come to the conclusion that she is not going to get fair treatment off of the state and does a runner.

Mia feeling betrayed by Ed and tries to sell her has rebooted her programming and reloaded the Anita personality.

Athena Marrow gets news of her daughter passing and reveals to her AI program that it is made up of scans of her daughters brainwaves. Her search for one of the original synths continues, but as we get to the close of the episode she makes a rather disturbing discovery in the form of Synth children.

This fifth episode of the series was very fast paced and revealed a lot more information with regards to all the various character arcs. Most interesting of all is the synth children because that ties Athena Marrow in with Karen’s investigation into the uber powerful synth, which has been doing the rounds on the black market.

Niska escaping the complex makes sense in that to Niska’s mind. It is as much about protecting herself from not getting a fair hearing as it is about protecting the Hawkins family from further threats by the authorities.

Sophie is becoming more and more synth like and her brothers relationship with the girl that is acting like a synth to hide some sort of hurt takes a bit of a revealing turn.

But most revealing is Hester saying to Leo that she is the instrument that can do the things that he cannot. And right before they indulge in some human on synth action because Hester is more curious than anything, but could also be potentially using the act as a means of manipulation.

This for me is the best episode of the season thus far. I only hope that the writers can maintain this momentum as we get toward the final few episodes.

Humans Season 2 Episode 5
  • The Good: The twist ending
  • The Bad: I'd have liked to have seen a bit more of how Max was coping with his new recruit
  • Story
  • Acting
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