In Review: Humans Season 2 Episode 4

Mia and Ed get closer but their relationship is thrown into jeopardy when their secret is discovered.

Synopsis: Mia and Ed get closer but their relationship is thrown into jeopardy when their secret is discovered. Things look bleak for Niska until Laura brings in a surprise witness.

Review: Things continue to slowly unwind as the series reaches the half way point.

Max and Leo part ways, but Hester chooses to remain with Leo as he continues his quest to try and save the conscious synths.

Meanwhile Niska’s assessment is not going to well. However things change when Laura brings in the woman that Niska left behind when she returned to the UK and the reunion shows the other lawyers that Niska does have feelings. In spite of this. They still tell Laura that they would not try Niska as a human being.

Things for Laura back home with Joe as they come into conflict on how best to help their youngest daughter Sophie who seems to be manifesting synth behaviours. Joe wants to find out why he was let go from his job and asks Mattie to hack in. It would seem that Joe losing his job is connected to the trail of Niska because as the episode draws to a close a Synth dressed as an electrician comes to their home and threatens the family if they do not drop the case involving Niska.

As said at the beginning of this review the series is unwinding at a slower pace than last year, but it is doing just enough to keep you interested with some interesting twists and turns. That said they do need to pick up the pace a little given that we only have four more episodes to go before the second season draws to a close.

This weeks episode also focused in a little on the relationship between Mia and Ed, which seems to be going well until Ed’s friend learns of it. The episode closes out with Ed turning Mia off as his friend hovers in the background.

Humans Season 2 Episode 4
  • The Good: The Synth Attack On The Hawkins Family
  • The Bad: Slow Pacing. Thankfully the twists are keeping it interesting, but the pacing needs to pick up a little
  • Story
  • Acting
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