In Review: Humans – Season 2 – Episode 3

Athena travels to the UK and her tragic secret is revealed.

Synopsis: Athena travels to the UK and her tragic secret is revealed. Niska’s consciousness assessments begin, and the Synths are forced to leave their hideout.

Review: Lots happens this week, but most noteworthy is Athena and the reveal that her daughter is virtually a vegetable in regards to their being no consciousness. Athena visits the UK to try and get information about Synth consciousness from Hobbs.

Meanwhile Niska’s fight for her right to be tried as a human has begun and she is not responding well to the various images and sounds that the lawyers are using on her in order to get a response. In fact it is only when she is addressed directly by Laura that she responds with anything close to emotion.

Max, Leo and Hester have to leave their hideout, but Mia decides to stay behind because she has developed feelings for Ed and feels that she needs to address it head on. While trying to find a new safe place Max and Leo have a bit of a debate on what their next move should be, which prompts Hester to ask which one of them is in charge.

Back at the Hawkins place Sophie is acting strange and seems to be going about her various household chores in a very methodical way, but when she cuts herself and does not seem to react to the pain as a normal child it triggers concern from Joe who later suggests to Laura that they need to get her checked out. Mattie who has been trying to get Odi functional again has a break through when Odi achieves consciousness.

All in all this has to be the best episode of the second series to date. Some questions were answered, but newer ones have been posed. Especially where it concerns the new arrival of Athena who seemingly has very personal reasons for her research.

I’m looking forward to where all this will lead in the weeks to come.

Humans Series 2 - Episode 3
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