In Review: Humans Season 2 Episode 2

Karen and Pete learn of a special Synth which is being sold on the black market.

Synopsis: Karen and Pete learn of a special Synth which is being sold on the black market. Hestor uses dubious means to extract information from her prisoner and Mia risks exposing her secret to try and help Ed.

Review: Picking things up from last week. Leo is still trying to save all the synths that are becoming self aware, but due to lack of resources isn’t able to get to them in time.

Meanwhile Hester proceeds to torture their prisoner in order to extract information on where all the malfunctioning synths are taken.

At the Hawkin’s Household Niska has asked Laura to be her Lawyer, which is causing a little uncertainty in terms of her relationship with her Husband, but eventually she decides to defend Niska and has Joe’s full support. Meanwhile Mattie has managed to get Niska to admit that she released the code, which is why Synths are slowly gaining self awareness. Mattie also retrieves the malfunctioning Odi  from the scrap heap and begins a project to try and revive him using the code.

Back at the Dinar Anita is doing all she can to be of help to Ed but when she manipulates his Loan application so he is approved for more than he needs from the Bank he pushes her away, which causes her to run home to Leo and Max. Leo tries to reassure her and tells her his plans to try and save all the self aware synths. She turns around and says that they are still only children themselves and says she wants to find out what it is about just to live.

Back at the corporate HQ Dr. Athena Morrow has gone through two self aware synths. One of which she destroyed in order to get to the code. The second she tried to upload one of her AI programs too. Her research has gotten her to a point where she is reading up on a scientist who programmed the synths and is setting off for London in the hopes of finding him.

Meanwhile Karen and Pete are living life as a couple and have recently learned of a Synth that is highly modded and being sold on the blackmarket for a six figure sum. Karen also informs Pete that she is ready to return to work as his partner on the police force.

Again not a massive amount happened in this episode, but we are beginning to see some story threads develop, which will hopefully unfold more over the next six episodes.

Hester is the Synth that we have to watch this season because she has gone a little bit Niska in terms to going a bit of the rails with her self awareness. When Max and Leo tell her that it is wrong to torture and kill humans. She does not understand why there is one rule for humans who think nothing of beating malfunctioning synths with a crow bar and another for them.

Given how this episode ends. It will be interesting to see how Hester develops over the course of the next few episodes.

Humans Season 2 Episode 2
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