In Review: Humans – Episode Two

George is assigned a new synth whom he cannot stand, Laura feels threatened by Anita and Fred is held captive in Hobb's facility.

Synopsis: George is assigned a new synth whom he cannot stand, Laura feels threatened by Anita and Fred is held captive in Hobb’s facility.

Review: This second episode went some way to move the plot along and gives us some more insight into why Leo is on the run, but also reveals some answers with regards to why Leo is like he is thanks to him being pretty badly beaten at the start of the episode while trying to get information about his missing synth Anita.

Anita meanwhile is still integrating into family life, but has Laura’s back up because she is just a little to good to be true. Meanwhile Laura’s son Toby has developed a bit of a sexual curiosity with regards to Anita and plays out in a rather fun moment where he attempts to grope her.

George meanwhile has been assigned the NHS synth from hell in the form of Vera who acts more like his jailer than any nurse you will likely have. I guess she was last in the line when they were issuing empathy chips.

Yet again some fantastic performances and yet another brilliant cliffhanger, but this time more in the form of a massive revelation about who Leo really is.

We also see Leo’s synth that was working in a synth brothel kill off a client and make her escape from sex slavery. It will be interesting to see where that story-line goes and how it will link back up with Leo, who is still trying to find Anita and rescue Fred from Hobbs.

Humans - Episode Two
  • Fantastic revelation with regards to Leo
  • Fred being held captive is beginning to drag a little
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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