In Review: Humans – Episode 6

Laura makes a confession that could have significant consequences for Anita, and while Karen tracks down Niska, the runaway synths face a brutal betrayal.

Synopsis: Laura makes a confession that could have significant consequences for Anita, and  while Karen tracks down Niska, the runaway synths face a brutal betrayal.

Review: After two weeks worth of pretty mediocre episodes our wait is rewarded with a massive information dump.

The episode starts off with Fred the captured synth escaping from Hobbs, who has faked Freds death in order to hide him from the higher ups. That’s what we are led to believe anyhow.

In the aftermath of her break up with Joe Laura does a little bit of soul searching and reveals to Mattie that she has a grand mother. While this is all happening Anita’s old programming and original personality of Mia tries to re-assert itself and does so just long enough to get a quick message to Laura and Mattie.

Back at George’s place Niska is in hiding and starting to learn the complexities of her consciousness while being coached a little by George who is kind of in awe. Then Odi turns up pretty much knackered beyond all recognition on George’s doorstep, which prompts Niska to help George fix him up a little.

Mattie having learned about Anita’s true identity goes to Max in order to find Leo. This eventually provides a pretty big reveal about how this small group of synths were programmed with consciousness and we also learn more how Leo and how he was saved by his late father.

Upon helping Mia re-assurt herself from her Anita programming Max and Leo learn of Fred’s escape from Hobbs and leave a reluctant Mia with Laura and Mattie as they go off in search of Fred and the others, but Joe, who now feels threatened by the Synths has called the authorities on them. A move, which results in Max making the ultimate sacrifice so that Leo can find the others.

This episode has much more plot and less kitchen sink drama than the previous two weeks worth of episode. In fact in the previous two episodes had half the plot and story reveals than this one. They’d have been much better.

It bugs me a little that we do not know to much about Hobbs or who he is working for with his vendetta to hunt down Leo and the others. We got a nice scene between Hobbs and Fred at the beginning of the episode, but after that all bets concerning Hobbs storyline were pretty much off.

It was pretty cool to see Laura come full circle in this episode having gone from not trusting Anita to suddenly accepting her as Mia.

Some great performances in this episode. I loved how Mia revealed herself and the scenes between Niska and George also played really well as well. But Hobbs and his motivations or even the point of him beyond being a big bad is still bugging me.

With just two weeks left to go. I have to wonder how this will end for the synth characters.

Humans - Episode 6
  • Nice reveal as Anita becomes Mia and George's scenes with Niska
  • Six weeks in and we still do not know who the big power is behind Hobbs and his hunt for the synths
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    20 July 2015 at 9:06 pm -

    Best ep yet, but the overall universe isn’t doing anything for me.

  • Ian
    20 July 2015 at 9:24 pm -

    Wouldn’t worry to much about it getting a second season. Its a one off limited series. But should imagine if ratings are good it might get more episodes. But given its based on a Swedish series, which was called ‘Real Humans’. I can’t really see it happening.

  • Ian
    31 July 2015 at 5:33 pm -

    Looks like I’m eating my words. Ah well some ketchup will help them go down right.

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