In Review: Humans – Episode 5

Mattie's decision to trust Leo threatens to bring the Hawkin's debates about Anita to an end, and Karen's hunt for the 'Killer Synth' takes a personal turn.

Synopsis: Mattie’s decision to trust Leo threatens to bring the Hawkin’s debates about Anita to an end, and Karen’s hunt for the ‘Killer Synth’ takes a personal turn.

Review: Much like last week this was yet another episode where nothing much happens. We got a small reveal last week in terms of Karen not being as human as she seems and the story continues on that thread with her character, but there has been very little action considering the amount of skittles in play here.

We know that there is a protest group against the synths taking our jobs, which makes for the immigrants are nicking our jobs analogy, but way things are going. In another 20 – years it could be robots.

But for me this show is beginning to get a little frustrating with all the kitchen sink drama tropes.

We have a great character in Hobbs who is supposed to be hunting the more human synths led by Leo, but were five episodes into the eight and Hobbs has barely come into play.

Instead we seem to have spent to much time with the Hawkin’s family and have Leo and his mate running from random location to random location to evade detection and Niska going postal, but nothing major has happened in the last two weeks to move the plot along. Heck even my sisters getting bored, which is rare because kitchen sink drama is her wheelhouse.

I think they should label this one a kitchen synth drama. I can only hope and prey that there is more forward momentum with this in next weeks episode because if it carries on at this pace I’ll just start watching cheesy 80s re-runs and start speaking in a monotone voice.

Humans - Episode 5
  • I've got nothing
  • Slowly beginning to become a yawnfest.
  • Story
  • Acting
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