In Review: Houdini And Doyle – In Manus Dei

When a heckler is mysteriously struck down at a faith healer's show, the team investigates.

Synopsis: When a heckler is mysteriously struck down at a faith healer’s show, the team investigates.

Review: A faith healer reopens the ongoing debate between Houdini and Doyle about the merits of faith verses the power of science, but when Doyle asks the faith healer to help heal his wife, who is unconscious due to a case of Tuberculosis a miracle of faith seems to rouse her into the here and now, which has Doyle believing the faith healer to be the real deal. However Houdini being a doubting Thomas seems to be struck ill and starts showing extreme flu like symptoms.

This episode plays with the debate on faith verses science really well and provides some poignant moments in which Conan Doyle gets to spend time with his wife who is showing signs of making a full recovery. But the mysterious way in which the heckler died still vexes the team.

The scenes of Doyle visiting his wife in Hospital put me in mind of my visits to Pendlebury Hospital when I was a very young kid. The place had very old décor and similar staircases and colours. One thing this show excels at is the period setting given that many of the buildings depicted would have likely have been hold overs from the Victorian age. Especially places like hospitals.

I also enjoyed the brief moments of Houdini and his mother who was nursing him with her famous chicken soup. In fact by the close of the episode Houdini admits that his mothers faith paired with his constitution may have helped in his recovery.

We also get teased with some interesting trivia in regards to Houdini having had multiple broken bones and fractures, which had never healed fully between shows. A fact, which astounds Doyle who says you must live each day in agony.

The mystery at the end turns out to be quite a simple ruse, which involves the faith healers sister doing her bit to help validate her brothers supposed power. But the narrative that gets us there and the character study of both the main characters makes up for the lack of a real mystery.

Special mention should go to Emily Carey who played her part of Mary Conan Doyle beautifully. 

Houdini And Doyle - In Manus Dei
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