In Review: Houdini and Doyle – Episode 6

When two people are found scared to death, the clues lead to a notorious mental hospital.

Synopsis: When two people are found scared to death, the clues lead to a notorious mental hospital.

Review: First off if you have been looking at the episode listings for this series on IMDB you’ll discover that ITV who are showing the series in the UK have not been showing the episodes in the order in which they are listed. Which is a little confusing.

Bedlam is the setting for a large part of this episode and a certain fictional detective lends Conan Doyle a hand in solving the case.

This episode sees the pair of Conan Doyle and Houdini kind of split off for awhile. Doyle is busy struggling to go through his late fathers estate, but also suffering a major case of writers block and is drinking heavily due to the anxiety.

Also transpiring is a separate investigation into the mysterious murder of Constable Stratton’s late husband. An investigation that Houdini is trying to help her with.

Meanwhile the main case of this episode takes the team to Bedlam. A mental hospital, which Conan Doyle has an uncomfortable connection with due to his late father having spent is last remaining days there. While investigating the two deaths in which people have died in a state f extreme fear. The team finds a connection to the five pointed star symbol and a poisonous drug called ergot.

Over the course of the story the team learn that one of the Doctors working at the hospital is using small experimental doses of ergot on his patients in the hopes of curing them of fear, but these doses are proving to be quite fatal.

When Conan Doyle gets a dose of the drug he slowly begins to lose touch with reality and passes out in his study as he begins to have a strange and scary journey into his subconscious mind, which places him as a patient in Bedlam and has him working with a patient who is of the belief that he is the real Sherlock Holmes. While in this dream state Conan Doyle comes to the realisation that he has been poisoned and with the help of his new found friend figures out who the murderer is and also has the chance for some closure between himself and his late father.

The scenes where we are in Conan Doyles subconscious are by far the most interesting and fun part of this story. I loved  Ewen Bremner and his performance of the inmate that was under the delusion that he was Sherlock Holmes. The way in which Holmes and Conan Doyle work together in this particular segment of the story is just fantastic fun. 

Houdini and Doyle - Episode 6
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