In Review: Houdini and Doyle – Episode 4

Houdini and Doyle Investigate Springheel Jack

Synopsis: The team go in search of a mysterious phantom stalking the people of London, said to have demonic eyes and the ability to perform gravity-defying leaps. Is it a case of mass hysteria or an entity feeding off fear?

Review: When a mysterious phantom capable of leaping across buildings in single bound is sighted after a man falls from a window to his death. Houdini, Doyle and Stratton are called in to investigate.

The investigation seems to at first be fruitless and Doyle references the mythical spring heel jack as a potential suspect of the murder, but Houdini is not as convinced and suspects the murderer is not of supernatural origin.

This story leads to some interesting conversation between Houdini and Doyle about the nature of fear and at one point in the episode Houdini actually demonstrates how easy it is to sucker other human beings into an illusion, which causes a bit of trouble at the police station.

We also have somewhat of a sub-plot in this episode in which Stratton is being investigated by the two men who are concerned for her safety. But about all this turns up is the fact that she is married, but probably separated from her husband. I’m not to sure what bearing this will have on future episodes or if it was just a sub plot left in to divert viewers a little, but I’m sure we’ll find out in the weeks to come.

The episode ends in a somewhat open ended way. The duo with some help from Stratton capture the murderer and his conspirator, but both men only claim credit for one of the murders, which they claim to be more of an accident than an out and out murder.

The conclusion to the episode leaves Houdini and Doyle speculating about how the first murder was committed. Was it Spring Heel Jack or was it perhaps an unusual accident?

This is one of my favourite episodes of the series thus far. I love it when crime drama explores a more supernatural angle and you can’t get more supernatural than Spring Heel Jack.

Houdini and Doyle - Episode 4
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