In Review: Hooten & The Lady – Bhutan

Lady Alex and Hooten embark on a new adventure to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan

Synopsis: Lady Alex and Hooten embark on a new adventure to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, where they search for an ancient scroll written by the Buddha himself.

Review: Once again we get treated to some cracking scenery and stylish stunts and comedy, but very little substance with this latest episode of ‘Hooten & The Lady’.

The story kicks off with Hooten being held at gun point by a crime boss over his gambling debts. Conveniently he gets a phone call from Alex just as he is about to be shot dead via the bad guys firing squad.

Lady Alex tells Hooten about a new scroll, which has turned up in Bhutan. So off they trek, but they have a shadow in the form of the crime lords imposing trigger man. Who is conveniently mute.

The story gets somewhat interesting when Hooten is poisoned  by the old wise women who has tasked them with retrieving the scroll. Turns out the poison used was an old monks trick to ensure that their enemies always came back when tasked with a job.

Okay again there was a serious lack of mythology in regards to the artefact that the gang had to recover, but that is due to it being made up. As always the acting chemistry is pretty solid, but the story is pretty simple with as little working parts as possible.

The key to ‘Hooten & The Lady’ as a series is action comedy. Its trying to be ‘Indiana Jones’ meets ‘Moonlighting’, but isn’t quite able to meet the level of substance that was in either of those franchises. And that is despite the fact that Michael Landes and Ophelia Lovibond are working their butts off.

The scenery as always is great. But the series thus far has been let down by overly simplified story-lines and very little in the way of mythology.

As far as character development goes. This episode gives us a little more back story about Hooten who has apparently lost a wife and son. As to how. My guess is that will either be left hanging or we’ll learn about it later into the 8 episode run.

Hooten & The Lady - Bhutan
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