In Review: Holmes & Houdini #2

The die has been cast, the game is afoot, and this thrilling journey has begun to unfold!

Synopsis: Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini’s lives would never have crossed-paths or so they thought. But when a plot that involves the very future of all human life begins to dig its way into the literal minds of all those around them, only Holmes and Houdini will be able to try and find a way to save everything and everyone.


The Story

Picking the story up from the last issue. Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini have bumped into each other while Houdini is looking to steal a rare and powerful item from the home of Tech Billionaire Nolan Savoy. Unfortunately, their meeting gets cut short when the Billionaire’s security chief comes knocking. Holmes is able to escape and lifts the item from Houdini as she escapes. At the same time, Houdini plays innocent and tells Savoy’s security that she got a little lost.

Unfortunately, Nolan Savoy is several steps ahead and manages to capture Holmes and plans to use one of his inventions to learn everything that she knows. The only drawback is that the device will most likely put her into a coma or kill her. Luckily for Holmes. Erica Houdini has managed to follow her and is able to help.


The Artwork

The art team continues to do a great job with this book. I loved the level of detail that went into the surroundings of Nolan Savoy’s lair as they reminded me of the old Bond movies. Especially the panels where we see Holmes restrained in the chair. Also,  good was the surroundings of Watson’s safe house that we see toward the end of the book, which reminded me of the decor you’d have seen in the old Sherlock Holmes movies.



Honor Vincent continues to spin a fun and interesting adventure. I loved the moment when Holmes first meets Houdini and how quickly they seem to recognize that they share a similar goal. I love all the secret society elements to this story and the fact that the late Harry Houdini left behind a Grimoire of his secrets that only those in the same bloodline as him can read.

Overall. I’m loving this book.

Holmes & Houdini #2
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