In Review: Holmes & Houdini #1

Ancient secret societies! Mysterious advanced technology! Bloodlines tied to the end of the world!

Synopsis: Few names hold such a high prestige and weight as those of Holmes and Houdini—Spencer Holmes and Erica Houdini have known that all too well, as they both have been carrying the burden of their infamous ancestors their whole lives, completely unaware of the other’s existence. But when the death of a loved one sets these two on a collision course, they discover that their worlds are much more entwined and extraordinary than they ever imagined.


The Story

In this opening issue. Erica Houdini a descendant of the famous escapologist Harry Houdini is using her newly found skills in magic and illusion to investigate a billionaire tech businessman who she thinks might be responsible for the death of her boyfriend. To that end, she crashes a Birthday party for a Saudi Prince as Entertainment and steals a watch to try and get the tech billionaires’ attention.

Meanwhile, having recently discovered that she is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. Spencer Holmes has been learning to fight so she can defend herself in her new role as a detective. When she gets a phone call from the mysterious Watson she finds herself sent on a mission that ultimately leads to her meeting up with Erica Houdini who has inherited similar technologies and has a similar skill set to her. But how are the Holmes and Houdini families connected and were they part of the same mysterious order?


The Artwork

The art team does a fantastic job on this opening issue as we get to see various locations throughout the comic. The character drawings are nicely done and bring the two key characters to life. I loved the panels that introduced us to Erica Houdini at the start of the story where she gate-crashes a party full of billionaires. I also love the detail that the artists took when drawing the various 19th-century gadgets that we see. Most notably an invisibility cloak, which has a nice steampunk vibe to it.



A great opening issue that introduces us to Erica Houdini and her backstory and ends with her meeting Spencer Holmes for the first time. I can’t wait for issue two.

Holmes & Houdini #1
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