In Review: Hit-Girl Vol 4 #1

Filmmaker and pop culture personality Kevin Smith gives readers his unique brand of wit and verve to Mark Millar's gun-toting tweenage Psychopath.  

Synopsis: Our favorite adolescent assassin tears Tinsel Town a new one when she realises her life’s being dramatized for the silver screen. Hit-Girl storms sets, wages war on fat-cat movie bosses, and lures old enemies out of hiding in this Californian bloodbath.

Review: Filmmaker and pop culture personality Kevin Smith gives readers his unique brand of wit and verve to Mark Millar’s gun-toting tweenage Psychopath.

The Story

When a school is threatened by a few people intent of shooting it up. Hit-Girl intervenes and swiftly dispatches the crooks with her usual flair and finds time to do a bit of reading in the school library. While there she comes upon an unauthorized book about her antics and learns that it is to be turned into a major motion picture. So off she goes to Hollywood.

The Artwork

The artist has a hell of a lot to do in this issue because the dialogue is very, very scarce, which is really, really rare for a Kevin Smith story.

Thankfully artist Pernille Ørum is very much up for the task and does a great job of depicting the carnage as well as the emotional reactions to it from the various victims.

Where this book really takes off though is Hit-Girl’s discovery of the book, which tells an unauthorized version of her story.


The lack of dialogue in this first issue took me by surprise initially, which is a little silly given that this first chapter is titled ‘The Silent Era’.

That said. There is plenty of volume in the artwork in which we see the artwork turned up to 11 or could it be that you find yourself looking a lot more deeply at the art when there is an absence of words?

Either way. This is a pretty strong first volume for Kevin Smith’s Hit-Girl story, which still manages to speak volumes, but with very little dialogue, which is a rare thing for a Kevin Smith story given that he is famed for writing extremely witty dialogue.

Hit-Girl Vol 4 #1
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