Hit-Girl heads to India.

Synopsis: HIT-GIRL’S IN MUMBAI. Mindy lands in India looking for a new mission and uncovers mutilated children forced to beg in the streets. Time for Hit-Girl to track down their gang-master and serve justice.

Review: Hit Girl heads to India for an all-new adventure.

The Story

With no solid plan in place. Hit-Girl heads to Mumbai, which is Indias largest city. While looking for a new mission she finds a group of mutilated children who are being forced to beg on the streets for The Beggarman, but who is he. She also finds out about a small spiritual group called the Hijras, who are being threatened by a gang, which is trying to force them into prostitution.

Writer Peter Milligan has given us a potentially great story here, with gangsters and superstitions galore.

The Artwork

Artist Alison Sampson does a wonderful job of bringing the vibrancy and colors of India to the pages of this book but also manages to retain the extreme violence of Hit-Girl. The drawings of the Hijras women adorned in traditional Indian Attire are brilliantly drawn and helped immensely by some wonderful colour work from Triona Farrell.


This opening issue gives us a lot to chew over. I really enjoyed the idea of The Beggerman and enjoyed how he was introduced at the close of the issue.

I also enjoyed the use of BBC Mumbai and the local journalist that was talking about the plight of the Hijras. Even though it was a threat to him keeping his job. There is a line in there concerning the current state of the BBC that I found myself agreeing with somewhat.

Overall. This is a really strong opening first issue, which looks like it could see Hit-Girl facing off against a few enemies as well as perhaps learning a fair bit about Indian culture along the way, which can’t be a bad thing.


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