Our pint-sized adolescent assassin is set to face off with the monstrous Boss Liu.

Synopsis: Our pint-sized adolescent assassin is set to face off with the monstrous Boss Liu. Can Hit-Girl take down Hong Kong’s biggest villain, and crush the Liu triad once and for all?

Review: Hit-Girl’s mission to take down Hong Kong’s biggest villain draws to an explosive close.

The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Hit-Girl has leaned on the Police Inspector to take her to Boss Liu in order to begin her final confrontation, but as ever things do not go exactly to plan. Boss Liu has had a bit of inside information to the nature of Hit-Girls plan, which sets up one of the bloodiest battles we’ve seen to date in the series.

The Artwork

Goran Parlov’s art throughout this series has been fantastic and he gets quite a lot to play with on this issue. Among my favorite panels are the ones involving the inspector and his attempts to negotiate with Boss Liu. The tension and nerves are written all over his face along with a few beads of sweat.

Also pretty satisfying was the flashbacks to Hit-Girl’s friendly gang members breaking into Boss Liu’s house in order to plant weapons and how that is all recapped with black and white imagery and the revelation that Hit-Girl has been a step ahead most of the time.


This has to be one of my favorite Hit-Girl stories from this series thus far, but if I have one criticism it is that it ended a little too quickly. Am pretty sure we could well have got a couple more issues out of this.

Other than that Daniel Way provides us with a fun story in which Hit-Girl finds herself working with a gang, and we are even left with some scope for a potential spin-off comic further down the line, which would be fun to see.

Overall. A satisfying end to what has been a fun story, but I have to wonder if Hit-Girl is going to run out of Villains to fight given that she pretty much dispatches every single one. I’d love to see a rogues gallery for Hit-Girl, but have to wonder if that will ever happen given the death count in these comics.

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