Seeking help in unlikely places, Hit-Girl launches an attack. With a rough-and-tumble gang of misfits as backup

Synopsis: Seeking help in unlikely places, Hit-Girl launches an attack. With a rough-and-tumble gang of misfits as backup, and her usual glorious array of weapons at her disposal, Mindy’s out to improve her killing and her Cantonese.

Review: Daniel Way escalates his story arc as Hit-Girl reluctantly allies with a street gang to begin her plans for revenge.

The Story

Having been sort of rescued in the last issue by a Street Gang. Hit-Girl begins to formulate her fight back but is reluctant to accept help. Meanwhile, Lui’s pet police officer has found Hit-Girl’s hideout and put a bit of a spanner in the works.

Now looking for some payback. Hit-Girl is forced to accept some help from the street gang. But can she truly trust all of the gang members?


Goran Parlov’s artwork in this issue is truly beautiful to view. The facial expression on Hit-Girls face on page 3 where she turns down the Street Gangs offer of help and walks away is brilliant. The defiance and determination are written on her face.

Also, the panel on page 9 where Hit-Girl is pointing a massive machine gun at Lui’s gang members and the corrupt cop is spectacular and damn scary.


This penultimate issue of the Hong Kong story arc escalates things brilliantly. Seeing Hit-Girl take on a leadership role however reluctantly is providing real character growth for her. And Liu is proving to be a formidable enemy for her. Hopefully, she will survive the story arc and return somewhere down the line.

Overall. This is proving to be one of the best story arcs we have seen in recent months. I’m really enjoying the fact that Hit-Girl is not finding it as easy as normal to take out the goods. The addition of the street gang is creating some collateral damage, which Hit-Girl was trying to avoid.

Overall. A great issue that concludes on a cliffhanger, which will no doubt play a huge part in setting up the finale next month.

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