In Review: Hit-Girl Season Two #6

Hit-Girl looks to take control in this explosive issue

Synopsis: Corrupt police. Street brawls. City-wide castrations. Hit-Girl’s problems are escalating in the streets of Hong Kong, and all is not what it seems within the Liu triad. Can Mindy regain control of the mission before the gangsters hunt her down?

Review: Daniel Way brings us a badass villain in Boss Liu.

The Story

Having broken into the headquarters of the Liu Triad to find herself vastly outgunned. Hit-Girl had to make a fast getaway and wound up passing out in a trash can, which brought her to the attention of a local gang.

Meanwhile, with her brother now dead. Boss Liu has to come out into the open and announce herself from a position of strength, which sees her taking the other triads to task with some extremely brutal tactics.

Meanwhile, Hit-Girl has some new allies in the form of the street gang that came to her rescue.

The Artwork

Goran Parlov gets to present some fairly brutal imagery in this issue and is very careful to imply as opposed to showing the actual deeds that take place. There’s a rather disturbing image of the various triad leaders tied to crosses while being humiliated and shouted down too by an enraged Boss Liu.

We also get a nice image of Hit-Girls first meeting with a gang that has an interesting distinction between what a gang is and how it differs from gangsters.


Triad’s being strung up naked aside. This issue is actually rather tame when compared to the heightened violent opening of issue one. This calm before what will no doubt be a storm allows Daniel Way to set up a few story elements that will likely play a big part in future issues.

I enjoyed how the writer gives us an insight into Boss Liu’s general bloodlust and craziness. You get the impression that this woman will pretty much do over anyone that gets in her way and would not feel any guilt or remorse. A true scumbag. This becomes abundantly clear when she has her talk with the Police Inspector that her Triad has in their pocket.

Also enjoyable was the way in which Hit-Girl is introduced to the gang.

Overall. A fun issue, which sets things up well.

Hit-Girl Season Two #6
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