Synopsis: HIT-GIRL’S IN HONG KONG. Her mission: to destroy a bloodthirsty gang that’s responsible for drug trafficking, money laundering, and brutal massacres across Asia. Big Daddy had plans for taking down the Liu triad, but only Mindy can take these monsters out for good.

Review: The new team of Daniel Way and Goran Parlov bring us a more thoughtful and strategic Hit-Girl.

The Story

Hit-Girl heads to Hong Kong for a mission to destroy a bloodthirsty Triad that her late Father Big Daddy had planned to take down at some stage. But she soon learns that even the best-laid plans do not always go smoothly.


Artist Goran Parlov makes an immediate impression with a cracking few opening pages that end with a brilliant image of Hit-Girls plane coming to land on page 5.

From that point on. We are treated to a cracking series of panels in which Hit-Girl is sneaking around attacking stealthily as she attempts to fulfill her mission and honor her father memory.


The new writing and art team bring us a brilliant opening issue, which seems to be a lot moodier and more intense that we have seen Hit-Girl in quite awhile. She seems to have matured a little and is definitely trying to be more methodical on this mission.

Daniel Way does a fantastic job of giving us Hit-Girls internal dialogue and the opening few pages where she talks about her father and why he meant so much to her were really, really poignant. I loved the fact that it allowed her to reference the original Kick-Ass, which is a nice call back to her origins as this character that we have all come to love.

The artwork is fantastic throughout and I loved the fact that we got to see the more methodical and strategic side of Hit-Girl, which is a side of her character that we haven’t seen for a while.

I find myself looking forward to the next issue now. Given that I got through this one really, really quickly.

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