Synopsis: “LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!” Mindy’s ready for her close-up, and the huge, bloody showdown that’s about to take place on set. The gutsy, gory, cockamamie conclusion to Hit-Girl’s golden rage of Hollywood!

Review: Kevin Smith finishes off his four-issue run with lots of fun dialogue and tons of gore.

The Story

Having finally caught up with the doppelganger. Hit-Girl is surprised to learn that her double is none other than the actress who is playing her in the movie and learns the entire origin story of Dick Taker and Secret Agent.  Things get dicey though when the last of member of Red Mist’s Gangster family comes to the party.


Pernille Ørum finishes off her run on Hit-Girl with style and manages to get the requisite gore into the final few pages when things kick off.

I liked the pages where Hit-Girl and Dick Taker appear side by side and how easy it was to differentiate between the two. Also great was the costume that was drawn for Secret Agent.

Overall. The artwork throughout these four issues has been confident and fun.


This was a fun story arc from Kevin Smith and felt very much like a Kevin Smith production throughout all four issues. I mean who else would come up with Dick Taker and Secret Agent as a new Vigilante Crime Fighting duo.

The moments in the book where Dick Taker talks about how inspired she was from reading Hit-Girls book was a lot of fun to read. But it was the fact that she was asking Hit-Girl if she was authentic enough that really had me laughing because its so cliche for actors to ask if they are either authentic enough or ask what their motivation is.

Overall. A fun run of issues that could only really have been written by Kevin Smith.

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