Hit-Girl's Hollywood Adventure Continues...

Synopsis: Someone’s butchering movie execs, and Hit-Girl’s getting the blame. Her blood-soaked L.A. adventures have caught the attention of an old enemy—one who’s ready for a little trip out west to seek revenge.

Review: Hit-Girl’s Hollywood Adventure Continues…

The Story

Picking up from the last issue. Hit-Girl has gone after the movie mogul behind the film about her life, but someone has beaten her to him and cut his private parts off, and the media has blamed Hit-Girl for the attack.

Meanwhile, an old enemy connected to the crime family that started Hit-Girl’s vigilante career is out for revenge and heading to Hollywood.

Back in Hollywood the Star of the movie and her publicist Gary Busey have plans of there own. Plans that will not be very good for Hit-Girl.


Pernille Ørum manages to put out another great issue worth of art with some solid panels that not only convey the story but also sell us on the action and the emotions of the various characters in the book.

My favorite group of panels in this issue involve Hit-Girl getting rather stoned on laughing gas.


Kevin Smith manages to put out another fun issue, which has its share of dick and fart jokes as well as references to various pop cultural icons of the 70s and 80s. One such icon is Magnum P.I. who is now two Police Officers called Magnum and PI. Yes it was a bit of a groaner as far as laughs go, but sort of funny.

It’s great that Smith is bringing back one of the survivors of one of Hit-Girls earlier adventures. Red Mist is referenced briefly via a tattoo.

Overall. This issue is a lot of fun. It’s light on action and heavy on the cheesy humor and fun.

The issue closes out on a cliffhanger, which indicates that things are going to really kick off in the next issue.

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