“THE TALKIES” Hit-Girl’s on set—watching her life portrayed by America’s sweetheart. She needs to axe this film, and fast.

Synopsis: “THE TALKIES” Hit-Girl’s on set—watching her life portrayed by America’s sweetheart. She needs to axe this film, and fast. Everyone knows if you want to kill a snake, you cut off its head. So Hit-Girl’s heading to Hollywood’s viper nest: The Black Tower.

Review: Where the opening issue dealt with the silent era. This latest installment sees the dialogue come thick and fast and writer Kevin Smith doesn’t hold back.

The Story

Mindy has arrived in Hollywood and in order to get close to the production of Hereto Hit-Girl. She has joined a studio tour in order to both learn the layout and meet the people behind the film, which is loosely based on her exploits as Hit-Girl.

The Artwork

Pernille Ørum continues to add her unique style to Hit-Girl and she has a great deal of fun with the studio tour and the brief scene that we get to see of the movie.

The meeting between Mindy and the star of the film is rather fun in that the expression on Mindy’s face, pretty much says it all.

The artist doesn’t hold back at the more brutal panels either as readers will see as they get to the final few pages of the issue.


This is a strong second issue in which Kevin Smith uses all his knowledge about the way things work in Hollywood to make the story somewhat believable. Some of Mindy’s commentary on Hollywood and the way they are messing up Hit-Girl’s story is worth the price of admission alone.

Beyond the story about Hit-Girl not being happy about there being a movie about her. Smith also takes time to comment on film producer and sexual predator Harvey Weinstein via the means of his fictitious movie mogul Lew Brothsteen. This commentary leads up to the introduction of a new villain that Hit-Girl will have to take on.

I look forward to the next issue.

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