In Review: Hit-Girl #7

Hit-Girl’s holed up in a cabin in the woods, nursing bear-trap wounds and recovering from a fall through the ice.

Synopsis: Hit-Girl’s holed up in a cabin in the woods, nursing bear-trap wounds and recovering from a fall through the ice. But Billy Baker and his gang have found her hideout, and these local hunters can track anything in the snow. How many can Hit-Girl slay before the Mounties show up?

Review: Picking up the action from where the last issue left off. Hit Girl and her new friend are in a heap of trouble as Billy Baker and his gang throw everything they have at them. Hit Girl’s only cover is a shack, which is pretty damn close to being bullet-ridden.

The Story

Jeff Lemire continues to provide an entertaining romp of a story and this issue is packed with enough action to keep several breweries in business for a good 10 years and then some.

The progress being made with the story has been incredibly fast-paced and cinematic and the dialogue between Hit-Girl and Billy Baker in this issue is wonderfully witty.

As with most comics involving Hit-Girl, there is a lot of death, but it is rare that we see any emotion from the tween when it comes to death. This issue delivers a final couple of pages that will have you really feel bad for the pint-sized psycho.

The Artwork

Edwardo Risso really delivers the goods in this issue. From the shack being shot to pieces to the visceral set pieces where Hit-Girl dishes out her unique blend of justice.

Page 5 gives us an awesome view of sheer terror as Billy Baker’s men begin to get a sense of the forthcoming ass kicking they are about to have.

If death by decapitation is your thing then page 13 delivers in spades as Hit-Girl truly goes to work.

I also thought the emotion imbued into page 18, which sees Hit-Girls new friend pretty much save her bacon was really nicely drawn and the pages that follow really sell it too.


Overall. If you have been following this series. Then you’ll already know how good it’s been, but for those that haven’t checked this one out. I’d highly recommend that you get onto Comixology or look out for the trade because Lemire does a fantastic job of capturing the spirit that Mark Millar imbued into this character and the story is nicely done.

Hit-Girl #7
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