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Synopsis: IT’S THE COLOMBIAN SHOWDOWN. In the bloody climax to her Colombian adventure, Hit-Girl makes her last stand against Palmira’s gang lords. She’s enslaved Mano as a sidekick, but will he finally crack and turn weapons on his own people? HIT-GIRL #4 is an action-packed gorefest—the bloodbath before Mindy sets off to her next destination.

Review: Hit-Girls Columbian adventure draws to a close and the end is near for Mano who has been Hit-Girls weapon of choice throughout the story. Mark Millar draws things to a close and everything makes sense as we learn who Hit-Girl has been working on behalf of.

The action set pieces in this issue are unbelievable. There’s a fun sequence in which Mindy and Mano commandeer a garbage truck and make murderous use of it. In fact, this leads to one of the books corniest jokes, but corny in the best possible way.

We get to meet the person who contacted Mindy and asked her for help and she makes an appearance early on in this issue and she did get a mention in the first issue when Mindy was reading her mail. But this issue gives us the full story and she proves to be a fairly important character when it comes to wrapping this issue up.

Mark Millar has delivered another memorable adventure for Hit-Girl here and it has ticked all the boxes when it comes to one-liners, over the top looney tunes style violence, and most important of all some heart.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz througout all issues has been fantastic, but I think he saved the best for last with the sheer carnage that a Garbage truck can cause when in the hands of Mindy.

Overall. A great ending for this story arc and I loved how we get Mindy closing out the issue by spinning the world globe and stopping it on the next country that she plans to visit, which just happens to be Canada.

Hit-Girl #4
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