In Review: Hit Girl #3

Mindy's Colombian Adventure continues...

Synopsis: Our violent adolescent superhero is slaughtering the city’s bad guys, using a top hitman as her weapon. Yet, amid the blood, the gang fights, and assassinations, there is a grieving mother desperate for vengeance—a mother that will stop at nothing to get justice for her son.

Review: You know. Every time I pick up a new issue of Hit Girl. The imaginative ways in which to cause mayhem and murderously see off a bunch of bad guys. Never ceases to amaze me.

This third issue of Mindy’s Columbian adventure sees the normally murderous teeny bopper holding the leash of one of South America’s most dangerous hitmen, but does she have enough leverage over him to have him do her bidding? That is one of the questions that this issue explores and there is all manner of fun and games as we slowly but surely find out.

As always Mark Millar gives us some more memorable one-liners as Hit Girl continually plays verbal tennis with the bad guys while either dishing out the hurt of taking a little pain herself as she navigates the seedier side of Columbia.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz artwork does an outstanding job of filling in the bits where words and dialogue are not necessary. No detail is missed in his panel work and I loved the more action-oriented panels he does on this issue when people are either getting shot at, beating each other or setting off bombs. The action is thick, fast and furious and the gore is dialed all the way to off the scale.

Overall. This is a solid issue that does the job of moving the story on. Hit Girl is proving to be just as interesting a proposition as a puppeteer than she is a murderous tween.

This issue will be released on Wednesday 25 April. It’s not to be missed.

Hit Girl #3
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