In Review: Hit-Girl #2

Hit-Girl's wreaking havoc in Colombia.

Synopsis: Hit-Girl’s wreaking havoc in Colombia. Armed to the hilt, she kidnaps the country’s most notorious killer-for-hire and sets out to slaughter every gang member and criminal lowlife in Palmira. This is the gloriously violent, frenetic return of the world’s most bloodthirsty 12-year-old assassin.

Review: Hit-Girl continues her mission of mayhem in Columbia and Mano gets to experiment with some of the weapons at Mindy’s disposal, which defy physics as well as simple imagination.

Mark Millar’s gift for humor comes through during one particular sequence where Mindy is explaining the specifications of one of the many gadgets she has brought with her.

Running counterpoint to Mindy and Mano’s joyful killing spree is the story of Jorge who at 10 years old is being groomed for gang life and has to pass an initiation.

This comic is as much a social commentary about gangs in third world countries than it is about the action and adventure.

I loved the sequence in which Mano and Mindy are having to not only deal with a rival gang but also a bunch of coked up wild animals, which included alligators. Having been close and personal with an Aligator myself (It was only a little one). I’d hate to imagine what a gater on coke would be like. Would that be considered a gater aid?

I Like how Mark Millar allows for Mindy to take somewhat of a back seat in this issue when it comes to the killing and it will be interesting to learn why this is as things develop in issue three.

Ricardo Lopez Ortiz continues to impress. Especially when it comes to some of the more visceral moments in the comic and his work is wonderfully complimented by Sunny Gho’s colours.

Overall. A solid second issue with some really imaginative gadgets that would even make Jame’s Bond blush.

Issue 2 of Hit-Girl will be available in all good comics stores on Wednesday the 28 March.

Hit-Girl #2
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