In Review: Hit-Girl #12

Hit-Girl must defeat the crazed religious zealot, Giustina, and slaughter the army of nuns and monks that stands in her way

Synopsis: Hit-Girl must defeat the crazed religious zealot, Giustina, and slaughter the army of nuns and monks that stands in her way. War is waged over the relic that completes Giustina’s disturbing collection—the corpse of a long-dead saint she thinks will grant her mercy in the afterlife.

Review: Hit-Girl’s adventure in Rome concludes with a crescendo of decapitations.

The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Hit-Girl and her new sidekick Paola have found their way into Giustina’s lair and have the Skull relic, which the mad nun has been after. As they fight their way to Giustina the two become a fairly tight fighting unit even though Paolo is a little disturbed at how brutal Hit-Girl’s methods are.

The final battle between Giustina and Hit-Girl is loaded with some pretty funny one-liners from both parties. It’s pretty obvious that the writer Rafael Scavone has a fondness of decapitation given that we see quite a few of them happen to some of the monks in Giustina’s army.

The Artwork

Artist Rafael Albuquerque and colorist Marcelo Maiolo get a fair bit of work to do in this issue with multiple decapitations, lots of gunplay and limbs flying everywhere. To say that the action is fast and visceral would be an understatement and the artist and colorist do a wonderful job of selling it. (Or maybe it was just the fact that I was listening to some vintage Iron Maiden while reading this issue.)

All that said. The art team did a fabulous job on this last issue.  Blending so much action with Catholic iconography is no easy task.


A fantastic issue to end Hit-Girl’s adventure in Rome on which leaves things open for a possible future visit to the famed Italian City in the future thanks to a fun twist.

Hit-Girl #12
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