In Review: Hit-Girl #11

Rome’s most feared crime boss has Hit-Girl in her sights, and will stop at nothing to kill Mindy and seize the stolen relic for her own.

Synopsis: Rome’s most feared crime boss has Hit-Girl in her sights and will stop at nothing to kill Mindy and seize the stolen relic for her own.

Reviews: For some reason. I completely missed the second issue of this, but lucky for me it was pretty easy for me to pick up the story through guesswork.

The Story

Having somehow captured the thief Paolo. Hit Girl gets the full story about how she is being made to work for crime boss Gustina Malvolia, who has her father held captive and is using him as leverage.

We get the whole backstory for Gustina, which was a compelling read in and of itself. And we learn that the reason she is after the relic that Hit-Girl and Paolo have is that it is the skull of an obscure Catholic Saint, who worked for the Church as a hitman.

The issue closes out with a playful reference to ‘The Italian Job’ as Mindy and Paolo make their escape in an old Mini Cooper. No doors were blown off. Phew.

The Artwork

Rafael Albuquerque, who co-writes this mini-series with Rafael Scavone does some really cool artwork on this issue.

I really loved all the Catholic symbols and reference points throughout the book, but also particularly liked the design of the relic, which comes in very useful towards the close of the book.


Admittedly. I missed the boat on issue 2 but found no problems getting right back into the story with this issue. As said in my review for the first issue of this arc. Gustina Malvolia is an intriguing and fun villain and hopefully, a villain that Hit Girl will not be able to dispatch with to much ease because I’d love to see her return.

The backstory that the writers came up with for the former nun turned gangster would make for an intriguing mini-series in its own right. Kind of like Breaking Bad, but with Crucifixes and Rosemary’s.

I look forward to issue 4.

Hit-Girl #11
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