In Review: Highlander: The Watcher

A Fan Made film, endorsed by Davis/Panzer Productions.

Synopsis: Immortals walk among us, and for centuries, the Watchers have recorded their war, bound by an oath of non-involvement. After four years on assignment, David Quinlan resents his role as observer. But when he aides Immortal Ian Campbell, he finds himself facing an ancient assassin, a threat from within the Watchers, and a ghost from his past. Fan Made film, endorsed by Davis/Panzer Productions.

Review: As a longtime fan of the Highlander movies and subsequent television series. I was curious to see what a Highlander fan film would play like. Especially one that has the endorsement of Davis/Panzer Productions, who made the hit 90s series.

The Story

When a small-time diamond thief David Quinlan gets recruited into The Watcher’s his life is changed forever. He is tasked with watching and logging the life of immortal Ian Campbell who is out for revenge on the immortal who killed his girlfriend in 1923.

When David is spotted by Ian at the scene of one of his duels. Things get really complicated and messy for both immortal and watcher as they are forced to deal with the consequences of past transgressions.

The Acting

The acting in this film is fairly good and is ruined a fair bit by a below average production when it comes to the sound mix and the looping process.

Heath Cates who plays David Quinlan does a fair bit of narration because the story is very much from the point of view of his experience as a Watcher, but unfortunately, at times the sound quality of the narration is a little fuzzy.

The best acting performance in the film comes from Jeremy Wurzbach who plays Rene Castel. An Immortal who is out to take the head of Ian Campbell because he feels betrayed by him.


The strongest part of this film is very much the story, which is like several different stories that focus on the theme of vengeance and how it begets more vengeance.

The Visual FX while not the best. They certainly are not the worst have seen. The scenes where we see the immortals feel the quickening after they’ve taken their enemies head worked fairly well. But we’re not quite up to the standard that was seen in the 90s series.

The overall production values were not great when compared to a Hollywood budgeted feature, but the story makes up for a lot of that by drawing you in.

With better production values and a better overall sound mix. I think this would actually be a fairly worthy addition to the Highlander TV universe due to the fact that the fans who made it obviously have a huge amount of love for Highlander and the show’s mythology.

One thing that surprised me was the level of violence shown when it came to decapitations and immortals healing from severe injury. This was shown at a level that we never would have seen on the TV series. So not for the faint-hearted.

This is one for only the hardcore fans that can forgive budget production values.

If like us you are a fan of Highlander. You may get a kick out of checking out an article we posted about 12 months back in which we Revived, Rebooted and Re-Imagined the series.

Highlander: The Watcher
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