In Review: Highlander: The American Dream #5

Macleod and Vazilek prepare to confront Hooke.

Synopsis: Macleod and Vazilek prepare to confront Hooke.

Review: The final issue of Brian Ruckley’s concludes with a couple of massive sword duels.

Macleod decides to set off early for his duel with Hooke in the hopes that he will save Vazilek from having to break a sweat. But the best laid plans do not always work out.

Hooke meets Macleod and they duel as planned, but as Vazilek is making his way to lend aid he is stopped by the Kurgen who is on the look out for Mac, but will take whatever is on offer.

The sword play is fast and furious in the issue with some pretty good monologues from Mac while he duels with Hooke.

As always the scenery and the action is well drawn by Andrea Mutti but the likenesses of macleod and his war Rachel are no where near where they could have been has the artist has been going for actual likenesses.

Mutti’s drawing of the duels is impressive. Especially some of the work she has done with close ups of the characters as the swords clash.

I was also impressed with the artists interpretation of the quickening when both the Kurgen and Macleod take all of the knowledge from their defeated foes. The lightning bolts were very dramatic and really well drawn.

As far as the story goes. This is a satisfying conclusion and ends the story just days before the Highlander movie story takes off.

I also enjoyed how the story gave us a little more insight into the relationship between Rachel and Macleod and how she had such devotion to him for having pulled her out of a life of uncertainty during the second world war.

The story allows for Rachel to come to Macleod’s aid when he runs into the obsessed retired police officer that has been tracking him and Hooke. This was a great moment for her due to the fact that she was very much an incidental and largely unexplored character in the movie.

I’ve really enjoyed this run on Highlander and I hope that IDW are able to get the rights to do more with the characters from the Highlander universe.

I’d really like to see them do a run with Duncan Macleod.


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