In Review: Highlander – The American Dream #4

Macleod continues his pursuit of John Hooke through 1955 New York.

Synopsis: Macleod continues his pursuit of John Hooke through 1955 New York.

Review: The story picks up where last months issue left off and continues his duel with the evil John Hooke. The fight is stalled when Hooke makes a get away.

Meanwhile Rachel has returned to Macleod’s store after having been grilled by FBI Agents Highsmith about the Monk and the various murder scenes that he has been visiting.

This issue ends with Macleod and Vazilek making plans in New York of 1985 to confront Hooke and take him off the map, but it turns out that Hook has a cunning plan in mind, which involves the Kurgan.

Once again Brian Ruckley moves his story on a few notches and I love the fact that his FBI agent Highsmith is still around in the 1980’s and considered a conspiracy theorist and a mad man by the establishment.

Also the way in which Ruckley has brought the Kurgan into the story has me excited for the next issue.

Andrea Mutti’s art work continues to convey the visceral pace and viscousness of the action. But continues to be a little Saturday morning cartoony for my taste.

The likeness for Macleod continues to be inconsistent if not next to none existent at best, but you can kind of forgive this a little bit given the quality of the action beats.

Mutti does however do a pretty good job of giving us the right feel for the various periods that the comic takes us through. Macleod’s style in the civil war, 1950’s and 1980’s period for example.

In regards to memorable moments from this issue. There’s a funny sequence where Vazilek runs after Macleod and Hooke and gets hit by a car. When an onlooker says, “Oh my god. You just hit a priest”. Vazilek just gets up and says, “Why is it you people cannot tell the difference between a Monk and a priest” or words to that effect.

That moment in the comic encapsulated perfectly the kind of humour that the Highlander films and TV series sometimes had.

Highlander - The American Dream #4
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