In Review: Highlander – The American Dream #3

Brian Ruckley's Highlander story continues and sees the action continuing in the 1950's.

Synopsis: Macleod and Vazilek  continue their hunt for the Immortal Hook in the 1950’s.

Review: Brian Ruckley’s Highlander story continues and sees the action continuing in the 1950’s.

Having caught up with Conner Macleod. Vazilek persuades him to help in his mission to take down the immortal Hook. Who has been leaving a tail of one eyed corpses in his wake. And has captured the attention of an FBI Agent, who has figured out a connection tracing these murders back to 1888.

This issue really smashes things open with the narrative and the addition of an FBI agent that is asking a few to many questions is really cool and ties in well with a conversation that Vazilek has with Connor. In a nutshell he tells Conner that not all mortals are stupid.

The issue concludes with the two Immortals tacking down Hooke to one of his old haunts and an sword fight begins as the issue concludes. A nice cliffhanger.

The art work again is not fantastic when it comes to likenesses but Andrea Mutti does manage to capture some of the atmosphere of what you’d imagine 1950’s America to be.

The artist is strongest when delivering the action beats or panels where there is a lot going on. And there is a lot going on in this issue.

The colours are done really well. Especially in the the bar scenes and the scenes in which our two Immortals are standing outside of the various building.

I liked the FBI agent character and his dogged determination to get to the truth, but it has to be asked if he will be able to handle the truth if he eventually gets at it.

I also enjoyed the fact that it was hinted that the order of Monks that Vazilek is with know about the immortals. It makes sense. If anything the Monks and Holy Men of time would be the most likely to know about the immortals.


Highlander - The American Dream #3
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