In Review: Highlander: The American Dream #2

Connor MacLeod and Vazilek prepare to battle with Hooke during the latter stages of the American Civil War.

Synopsis: Connor MacLeod and Vazilek prepare to battle with Hooke during the latter stages of the American Civil War.

Review: The story continues where where things left off in last issue with Vazilek and MacLeod preparing to confront Hooke for the first time on the battlefield of the American Civil War.

After this first confrontation the story flashes back to New York of 1985 where Connor and Vazilek continue to discuss the game and their concerns about who the winner will be.

The story then flashes back to 1955 where we find Vazilek meeting Connor for the first time since they first encountered each other during the civil war. Vazilek fills Connor in on just how evil Hooke is and asks for help in hunting him down.

This second issue really starts to get into the nitty gritty of the story and gives us the first encounter with Hooke, who is not beyond getting mere mortals to do his dirty work for him in order to weaken his future victims. Connor and Vazilek barely escape this first encounter with their heads.

The writing from Brian Ruckley continues to be consistent. One particular page in which Connor expresses how grim post war Europe was for him to live in was a nice touch. Especially given that he moved back to Europe after the American Civil War to escape a type of butchery that he was not familiar with.

The art work from Andrea Mutti continues to impress when it comes to the cityscapes and the battlefield, but I wasn’t to keen on the close up work she did of the wrestlers. Seemed to be a little to much in the vein of Saturday morning cartoons of wrestlers. Which didn’t work for me. But it’s all subjective at the end of the day.

All this said. Over all. This comic book prequel story to the first Highlander movie continues to entertain and is a welcome read.

Highlander - The American Dream #2
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