In Review: Heroes Reborn, Episode 8 “June 13th — Part Two”

Altering the past has changed the present and things are very different and much more entertaining.

Heroes Reborn, Episode 8 “June 13th — Part Two” Broadcast November 5, 2015

Written by M. Raven Metzner

Directed by Allan Arkush

“Previously on Heroes Reborn,” Erica Kravid has a plan to save the world from a catastrophic event, but she’ll choose who lives; Luke and Joanne Collins are enjoying their time at the Evo-Human event with their son Dennis; thanks to Phoebe Frady’s abilities the incident occurs; Angela Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura flee to the past with Claire Bennet’s twins that will save the future; and Future Noah Bennet has a chance to kill Erica, but his past self runs at him from behind.

The episode opens with Erica outside the hospital as wounded are being brought in. She’s giving a talk to the press about what’s happened and what her company promises to do. Quentin Frady rushes by her to find out his sister’s fate. Outside, a reporter brings up the existence of a tape from disgruntled employee Mohinder Suresh, leading to Erica stating he’s an Evo and may have killed his entire research team in the Artic. Away from the press, she tells Harris Prime she’s leaving, but he will stay and find Claire Bennet. Noah sees Future Noah walk by and he goes after him(self). He slams Future Noah down, but not without him loosing a shot that hits Erica in the leg. Quentin, in the stairwell, hears the shot and pulls her in to safety, while the Noahs bicker about Future Noah’s tampering in the past. In 1999, Hiro and Angela are still in Odessa, with Hiro now unable to use his powers because the boy is a Petrelli, who (like his father) has the ability to absorb powers. Angela realizes the babies must be separated; she takes the girl to raise, leaving Hiro to be father to the boy. Cue first commercial break.

This was a step up because of the time travel paradoxes. Things have changed considerably, yet there was enough from previous episodes to allow the viewer to think they knew what was going to happen, when, ultimately, they did not. Explained, finally, was how Noah lost his memory, why Suresh is releasing terrorist videos, why Tommy and his mom were on the run, Miko’s creation, and Farah’s entrance into the big picture. In addition to slight changes in the timeline, which became major by the end, there’s a quick scene with Greg Grunberg playing Matt Parkman, a character from the original run of Heroes. I have to say that what he’s become was completely heartbreaking. Even his final seconds were painful to watch. All I could think was ‘Not him, too.’ I’m hoping he returns, differently. Acting-wise, Jack Coleman got to play against himself, which was good, Robbie Kay got to show a very different side of his character, Henry Zebrowski got to do a lot of gut wrenching stuff (with his final scene a scream), and Masi Oka getting a big scene.

The good: A time travel story that showed why even the littlest thing is like stepping on a butterfly, Jack Coleman, Henry Zebrowski, Robbie Kay, Masi Oka, Judith Shekoni getting to cut loose, and Cristine Rose (always good to see her!).

Fun lines: “Parent?!”, “I am…your father,” “I’m ready to save the world,” “Yeah, I’m fine,” “He really is a Petrelli, isn’t he?”, “The sword is the key,” “You’re alive…”, and “Oh, it’s way better than ‘good’.”

The bad: The final line before the first commercial break was too corny, but thankfully that was the only one of the episode.

The final line: Altering the past has now changed the present and things are very different and much more entertaining. The characters are the same, but everything is different. Noah, you’ve really screwed things up. A big step up for explaining so much, but changing it all. Overall grade: A- 

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    6 November 2015 at 3:08 pm -

    I was glad to see them connect so many dots over the two episodes. I’m glad the story lines aren’t as disparate as they seemed.

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