In Review: Heroes Reborn, Episode 4 “The Needs of the Many”

Some stories are much better than others, but this was my favorite episode yet.

Heroes Reborn, Episode 4 “The Needs of the Many”

Written by Joey Falco

Directed by Jeff Woolnough

“Previously on Heroes Reborn,” Molly Walker is taken to a location, after avoiding Noah, but this location has her screaming as she’s plugged into a machine, E.P.I.C., that can locate Evos anywhere on earth. Luke and Joanne kill Evos, though he’s now manifesting powers. Miko is freed from Harris (Prime) by Ren, and the pair decide to get her sword back from Erica Kravid who’s in America. Tommy and Anne Clarke’s car is hit by a drunk driver as they try to escape the watchful eye of Casper Abraham. In the present, Tommy uses his ability to get out of the overturned car, and he zaps his mom to a hospital just before he passes out. In St. Louis, Missouri, Alexander French has the misfortune to open his door to Joanne who shoots him in the head. She revels in her marksmanship, but Luke does not. Their argument stops when a family member arrives. At the Artic Circle, a prayer rug is the only object seen on a swath of snow until Farah makes herself visible. Her prayers completed, she rolls up her rug and begins to walk. She spies the butterfly from the first episode, dead in the snow. Malina appears behind her, picks up the dead insect, blows on it, and it flies off reborn, but not before awakening all the other butterflies in the snow which take off. Cue opening title sequence and first commercial break.

More of Malina is seen this episode, with her demonstrating some definite abilities, rather than motioning at the Northern Lights. Her companion Farah is interesting, but seems a little too commando to last too much longer; killing her off would put Malina at risk, and she seems to be a key component in saving the future. Francesca Eastwood has a good scene in this episode, shared with Jack Coleman. I liked it, and I liked that it was Quentin’s motivation that got the pair together; though did anyone else notice that Phoebe wasn’t there? Taylor had her eyes opened this episode, and Erica has officially gone into wicked stepmother mode. Cle Bennett got some strong scenes again, with his clones getting some nice Matrix action. Miko and Ren got on the world’s fastest plane to go to America, which was a little farfetched, though his use of social media was pretty funny, though silly. The Collins’ relationship has come to an expected point; but why did she leave the files behind? She was drooling over them, and she’s going to leave them? I enjoyed the L.A. story a bit more, though Carlos’ work on the car seemed ridiculous. Lucius Hoyos’ character grew quite a bit, and I liked that. I want him to put the costume on.

The good: The teaming of Noah, Quentin, and Taylor, Luke and Joanne’s scenes, Erica becoming a bigger villain, Malina showing a specific skill, good use of the Northern Lights, and what the heck was that in the bedroom in the final scene? And I really like the carpeting in Erica’s office!

Fun lines: “Good thing I’m not a grown man,” “Never doubt the power of social media,” “It’s really good sushi,” “Believe me, all parents will lie to their kids to protect them from the truth,” “To save our species,” “Things change, Luke. Ya’ gotta keep changing with them,” “We don’t want to shoot you, but we will if necessary,” “Welcome to my world,” and “Forget the past, Noah. Save the future.”

The bad: Though L.A. was little more interesting, Carlos Gutierrez still bores, predictable results with Tommy in the hospital, Joanne’s decision was unbelievable, the world’s fastest plane from Japan, social media’s response was silly, and I’m upset at one hero’s death — C’mon, Kring! That one hurt!

The final line: I’ll give the show credit, things are progressing quickly. Some stories are much better than others, but this was my favorite single episode yet. Overall grade: B-

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