In Review: Heroes Reborn, Episode 3 “Under the Mask”

Three episodes in and things are predictable. Not terrible, but not deep.

Heroes Reborn, Episode 3 “Under the Mask” Broadcast October 1, 2015

Written by Seamus Kevin Fahey

Directed by Greg Beeman

“Previously on Heroes Reborn“, the bombing of Odessa is reshown, Noah yells for daughter Claire, Carlos’ brothers dies, Tommy gains a friend and confidant in Emily, Luke and Joanne shoot their way out of the secret facility in Odessa, Noah and Quentin search for Noah’s files on the Evos, Miko goes into the videogame to find her father, Molly Walker has to be found by Noah and Quentin before her powers are exploited, but she’s already been captured. In the present, somewhere in the Artic Circle, a butterfly flits above Malina walking in the snow, accompanied by an invisible woman who’s leaving snowprints beside her. This invisible person tells the girl to focus because another wave is coming. The sky goes black and red energy appears from the clouds. Malina raises her hands and the energy changes into an effect not unlike the Northern Lights. The young woman says, “I may not be ready,” but her invisible friend will not be dissuaded: “The storms will only get worse. The world will need your power soon.” Elsewhere, Noah uses his elbow to break into a car. He and wounded Quentin need to get as far away from Odessa as possible. Some distance away, Joanne wonders aloud if the car she and her husband have stolen belonged to Noah. She’s reveling in the man’s exhaustive files on Evos and asks Luke where they should go next. He stares forward in silence. “I need this,” she repeats, telling him she needs to continue killing Evos for her son’s death. Luke touches the radio and creates a spark, causing the car’s engine to die. In Tokyo, the ending from last week’s episode is shown as Miko takes out some guards at the Renatus group’s building. Harris (Prime) casually walks to the fight. He easily dispatches her. “The sword is not yours,” he says in Japanese and takes the weapon. Cue opening title sequence and first commercial break.

Like the previous incarnations of this series, there were some huge leaps in logic to keep the story going. However, a major plus with this episode was Cle Bennett as Harris (Prime). His manner was wonderfully threatening and the series seems to have found the perfect super villain to fight good Evos. He was extremely interesting before his power was revealed and when it was it upped the character’s coolness factor considerably. I loved him every time he was on the screen. Also having a good amount of screen time was Rya Kihlstedt as Erica Kravid. It seems she’s to be the big baddie of this show, as her business’s uber-device is shown and it’s a good one. Reminded me of a Professor Xavier device used for evil. I also liked Zachary Levi as Luke Collins, who has a big turn, but it was a little too much (Already?). Levi does good work with what he’s given, but it seemed predictable, given the current status of his relationship with his wife. Jack Coleman continues to be the straight face of humanity in the middle of this latest Evo crisis, and it was good to see his missing past slowly return. The negatives with this episode were several: Miko’s escape was unbelievably easy (Really, no guards outside?), the Carlos Gutierrez story was boringly predictable, Quentin becoming annoying in this outing (and I’m now expecting him to be using Noah to get to someone/something), Eve Harlow’s character to change sides, and Pruitt Taylor Vince’s character to die doing his job. The effects are good in the episode, save the car dialogue scenes in the daylight which look like a low budget green screen effects, and the cliffhanger solid. The story is just not a wow.

The good: Cle Bennett, Rya Kihlstedt, Zachary Levi, the effects, Molly’s part in the process, and a good cliffhanger.

Fun lines: “They’re gonna kill me!”, “Doing good is good business,” “You didn’t hire me for my restraint,” “God! Why is this happening to me?!”, “Watch me,” “I hate you so much,” and “Excuse me, were you trying to hit me?”

The bad: No security guards outside Miko’s room?, that security guard in the hospital sure could do a lot on a computer, do hospitals save footage from a year earlier?, and characters revealing they have Evo abilities are occurring too often. I’m expecting everyone to be an Evo by the time this series ends.

The final line: Three episodes in and things are predictable. Not terrible, but not deep. Overall grade: C

Patrick Hayes was a contributor to the Comic Buyer's Guide for several years with "It's Bound to Happen!" and he's reviewed comics for TrekWeb and TrekCore. He's taught 8th graders English for 20 years and has taught high school English for five years and counting. He reads everything as often as he can, when not grading papers or looking up Star Trek, Star Wars, or Indiana Jones items online.
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