In Review: He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #6

It’s the finale of the reality-bending miniseries, and Prince Keldor is trapped in the bowels of Castle Hellskull.

Synopsis: It’s the finale of the reality-bending miniseries, and Prince Keldor is trapped in the bowels of Castle Hellskull. Now the only way to survive an onslaught of Anti-Eternians may be to embrace the full powers of Skeletor!


The Story

With his traveling companions gone. It is left to Prince Keldor to do battle with The Anti-He-Man and his Anti-Eternians in the bowels of Castle Hellskull. With only half a power sword Keldor leaves his brother to confront his destiny, which is to put an end to The Anti-He-Man, but thankfully help isn’t too far away.


The Artwork

Tom Derenick’s artwork has been absolutely great throughout this run and he once again delivers the goods in this final issue. His drawings of the Anti-Eternians were fantastic. I loved how he managed to even make Teela look proper evil as she is seduced by the dark side and chooses to fight alongside Anti-He-Man. The best pages for me are when He-Man comes back into the story with Man at Arms with a He-Man from another universe who helps deliver a great story twist.



Tim Seeley delivers a very satisfying conclusion to what has been a rather uneven story, which might have been told in a better and more concise way over fewer issues. As only a casual fan of He-Man from the original generation that grew up watching in the 80s. I found it difficult to follow at times due to now knowing who various characters were from the various universes that were visited in the books. I did enjoy Keldor’s character though and loved how Kelder had to make a few difficult choices. One of which was to not submit to his darker side, but instead try and do the right thing. The way he is written when he chooses to take on Anti-He-Man was brilliant.

Even the ending of the story was as sappy and preachy as I remember the 80s TV series to have been.

Overall. A solid conclusion.

He-Man & the Masters of the Multiverse (2019-) #6
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